Monday, 27 February 2017


Has it really gone that quick? I feel like I'm still pregnant half of the time and then next minute I realise that it really has gone that fast. It's been seriously stressful trying to keep up with every milestone when she won't sit still. It's been a whirlwind trying to find a balance between constant attention and Independence and it's been just astounding to see how far she's come over the last few weeks never mind 9 months.
We've finally accomplished it. We have teeth! If you've been following my updates you'll know that we've been waiting on this since she was 3 months old. 8 and a half months later it finally happened and well, we were blessed with two at once. We think. That she's teething again at the top of her mouth so who knows, maybe on the next up date we will see more! 

Imogen's become a crazy fast crawler to the point that we have to keep up with her now. She's still very stubborn about trying to stand up so we bought this little walker for her to try and walk along with. We bought it from Tesco for  around £16/£17 which I thought was a bargain. It's honestly become her new favourite toy as we can pull the activity board off onto the floor. So when we bought it she was just crawling. A day later she was pulling herself up on every surface and trying to climb. They don't joke about how quick it happens do they?! I'm thinking about buying a play pen to contain her in while I nip to the bathroom, I don't think anything is safe anymore! 

We're breezing through trying to baby led weaning her it's been amazing to see what a baby can actually eat so we're going to have a baby led weaning week on the blog this week so keep an eye out for that! 

As it's half term we haven't actually been up to much so we're planning a lot for the month ahead including attending The Baby and Toddler Show in Manchester on the Friday! It's going to be so exciting as I'm a huge fan of it and now Imogen's eating I'll probably look into a few new brands as well! Let me know if you're attending, I'd love to meet some other parents/ parents to be! 

It just seems like not a lot has happened but Imogen is now fully crawling and pulling herself up on everything and walking sideways doing so. She's also saying iya and has said daddy too. She has her first two teeth and already hates her toothbrush! 

As for me? Well, I'm getting there. After a spiral the last month and sinking back into a deep depression I'm slowly getting there. I'm just stuck is difficult place and we're working on it. I just miss working and seeing my friends. In a nut shell, I miss my old life. There. I said it. It's it something I'm not  proud to say or do I even want to admitting  but I do, I miss it. I'll never change my little girl for anything in the world or the time we have spent together so far, I just miss my own time. R helps out as much as he can and we're an equal sort of couple but I just feel like I lean on him too much sometimes. He's amazing and is very understandable. Recently I posted a blog over on the mum club on what my experience with depression post partum has been like. You can read that here. I just make sure I can get out and about as much as possible even if it's a walk to Aldi in my little dead town. I just find that an active life helps me have a positive attitude. I'm about to start diet as well it's been 9 months and I want to be healthier for myself and y daughter. I've pinky promised myself, well after the bag of veggie Percy pigs! 

I feel like this might sound a little whiny, well what's new really? But it's just a case of me keeping a diary so I can see how far we've come together as people. So I'm going to leave it there. 

Until next time. 


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