Tuesday, 21 February 2017


In the winter months we know as well as our own skin going dry, that our babies skin does too. This can increase the chances of eczema flare ups, nappy rash and even dribble rash when babies are teething. We keep our babies wrapped up warm but their skin becomes more prone to drying out.
Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had a bit of trouble with Imogen’s skin. She’s got what looks like a fungal infection over the top of eczema, nappy rash from teething as well as dribble rash. We’re slowly treating it through guidance of our doctor as we don’t want to upset the skin or do too much to harm it at the moment so we’re trying our best to keep her clean, warm and dry more than ever before. As they say, the less you do the better it is for babies.

We’ve stopped using bubble bath even with the explosive nappies that have been occurring while her teeth are popping through and we’re using gentle moisturizers on the areas that aren’t affected and gone back to our trusty Water Wipes. I must admit, it’s a lot easier to hose her down with the shower when this occurs but I know that the warm water constantly isn’t great for her skin even when I pat it dry.

Through using Water Wipes for some wipe down washes and to clean her parts we’ve helped to reduce the nappy rash and to keep her skin supple. I know that she loves her baths and we’ve just reduced them to twice a week while she’s got her skin issues. I’ve used them gently on her back and it’s not made it flare up so this is a great sign for us all.

I would’ve never thought to use Water Wipes for her eczema as I thought they were just for wiping food covered faces and mucky bums. I've used them since when Imogen was a newborn because I didn’t like the idea of cotton wool and water but I knew that they were made from 99.9% purified water and they were recommended by my midwives. I’ve always been a huge fan of the brand and more importantly they helped me to treat her skin without using unnatural chemicals. 

So lately we've took to using them face for her dribble rashes. Imogen's currently got two teeth coming through and we're pretty sure another one is coming through as she won't let us have a look so she's constantly dribbling. I've always wiped her face with sensitive wipes and not really over thought about what I'm using on her skin. That's because it's never flared up bad, but I'm scared of her skin chapping in the cold weather even with moisturising baby wipes. So I've stuck to what I know. Using Water Wipes on her dribble rash and patting it dry with a flannel. It's not only helped to ease the rash, but it doesn't look anywhere near as sore. It's not something that's going to go away on command, but you know. Every little helps. 

It sounds crazy that just some wipes will help treat skin but It's all about keeping the skin clean and dry, and not meddling with chemicals. I've always been a great believer in not using what isn't needed unless you need to. I just don't want my body to grow immune to anything, and I want the same for Imogen. 

Have you got any tips or recommendations for eczema or dribble rash on babies? Let me know! 

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