Friday, 17 February 2017


I wanted to share with you all my January favourites. I know we’re a bit late into the month but I’m sticking to my new goals to keep on top of everything and not put things off, I'm very determined this year! After the Christmas and New Year period, I had so many new products to try that I did a little panic and they're all in a box currently waiting for me to try! I've kept things simple in my life to try and get a bit more of an organised flow!

To start the year, I needed a new foundation. I've sworn to myself to have more pictures with my daughter and not just say no constantly because I don't like the way I look that day. I'm keeping on top of my makeup/skincare game and I needed a good all around foundation. 

Previously I've used L'Oreal True Match Foundation during the summer and it wasn't my favourite. I sweated it off! So I tested it again lately in the shade Vanilla for the winter cold and well, it shows how much our skin can actually change when it comes to the weather! It's a thin liquid foundation with a medium coverage. I apply it with a brush onto my face and then another to blend the harsher lines out. I think it's a great foundation to build up coverage and it lasts me all day! 

To capture more photographs, I've sworn to not be so precious with film, and try and take more in the moment photographs so I'm on the hunt for some cute film off Ebay after we used two packs at Christmas! It's been lovely to be able to use my Instax mini 8 camera again! I can't wait until I get a new camera this year, but I think it's great to have some photo's that you can't edit or take bursts of. 

Glasses. Okay, so I'm a cheat. These aren't prescription and they're actually R's. However I have very sensitive eyes to the point it often looks like I'm crying out of one of them constantly so these huge glasses in the outdoors help stop the wind and everything else from making it worse! Plus they're super cute and stylish. Which reminds me... I need to actually book an opticians appointment I'm slowly going cross eyed trying to concentrate on my laptop!  

Without a doubt this is one of my favourite face masks in the world and every time my friends ask me to recommend them something that isn't expensive, this is the one. It's an amazing moisturizing mask for usually 99p! I normally buy about 5 at a time but my own mother (who doesn't use any makeup or skin care at all) keeps stealing them. It just intensely moisturizes my face making it feel smooth and fresh for days whether I use any other products or not. It's a must have for everyone in my eyes! 

So maybe the new favourite isn't something you'd know about unless your a parent but Water Wipes are my new personal essential. I've used them ever since Imogen was a newborn on her, and at the moment, its nice to have for myself. I don't always get the time to properly cleanse my face at the moment because well babies are babies and mine is very restless with her teeth popping through, so it makes me feel better to use these than a harsher face wipe. 

Last but not least a notebook. I own probably a few tree's worth of notebooks but I always make sure every page is used and filled. So while I'm organising my blog posts, things that I own for when we have a house, play dates ect. it just helps to have a super cute notebook to write everything down and keep on me at all times. I bought this little number from Sainsburys (They have the cutest ranges!) for two or three pounds! 

So there you have it! These have been my favourite things from the past month and believe me, there will be a lot more next month!

Until next time, 


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