Friday, 24 February 2017


There's nothing more that I love than fresh hair, tan and nails. I think it just makes me feel like a super woman but at the current time, my nails are in need of some TLC! Being a new mum I've neglected getting a manicure every couple of weeks because well, the new job means I have to change dirty nappies. Every now and then I get to meet up with the girls or go to events and I'm in need of a quick fix. So here I am to tell you all about KISS Natural Acrylic nails!

I remember using acrylic nails back in the day being a teenager and trying to figure out what the hell they were for. They lasted on my nails for about 3 hours if that before all flunking off in my purse. They left my nails feeling disgusting for weeks on end and well to be frank, it put me off doing nails myself ever again.

Recently I was contacted by the people from KISS to review their Acrylic nail kits, and well, with events and parties coming up and not being able to properly pamper my nails I thought it couldn’t hurt! I wanted to test to see if acrylic nails had really improved over the years or if they were the same disaster I knew those years ago.

First things first, I had to pick out the nails to fit my own. I used the medium Acrylic Nude French Nails for length. Next I chose all 10 of them at the ready, and all of them having a perfect fit when applying pressure so there wasn’t any fuss with having to file them down. I washed my hands and used the cuticle stick to push up my cuticles so they were ready for application. It was easy to apply the nails and the glue wasn’t too fussy but I still managed to get my finger and thumb stuck together. That’s just me being me, but the glue came off after washing my hands a couple of times! I just filed the edges down a little to make them smoother and I was done. 

I was left with a cute fake nail shop job and it made me feel a lot more girly and a lot more like the old me. I painted the nails to suit my outfit for the night but I would’ve happily left them as they are as you could barely tell that they were just glue on’s! I love these and I think they're ideal for date nights for us mums and for those who aren't allowed nails at work! It's just that extra bit of glam on the side and is quite effortless! 

What do you think about glue on at home acrylic nails? Are they your go to, or are you a nail shop kinda gal? 

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