Wednesday, 1 February 2017


So I was casually browsing on twitter the other day and I saw that Tesco Baby Club had been handing out  little care packages to cheer up some mums through January. They’ve noticed that the January Blues hits a lot of people hard and some mums and dads need loving too. To tie in with their baby event currently in store they selected people at random and sent out some lovely care packages.

I was one of the lucky ones that got picked after jokingly tweeting them. I wouldn’t normally share something like this but I think it’s good to raise awareness .It’s not often talked about but loneliness is hard especially when you’re a new mother. You don’t get you time. No one asks how you are because it’s all about the little ones but we have feelings too. I’m not saying we’re shouting for attention, but a little love can go a long way.

This is why I think Tesco is probably my new best friend. I received a care package after tweeting about not sleeping for 4 days properly. Imogen has two teeth coming through and we’re up all night as she will not settle no matter what we’ve tried.She's full of a cold and in the middle of a leap so it's harder than usual. I wanted to share with you what I received, and if you know a mum or someone who is expecting, maybe you could put a little care package together yourself and give it to them. I know I will be doing one for a mama friend or two! 

*Tesco added their own little notes to each item but as they were glittery tags they soon ended up in the little toast covered hands of my daughters. Rip tags. 

The first thing I saw in the box was this lovely mug. Mugs are a mama's best friends for endless cold brew's and coffee's. It's totally my style and completley lovely! I've started using it as 'my cup'. 

To go with the mug, as most mama's love chocolate they added this Options White Choc, hot chocolate. I don't drink dairy so this will probably go to a friend but it was a lovely thought! 

For a little pampering they included this Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. I love this product even if I'm not on board with the smell. I can't wait to use it after a bath! 

For extra snuggyness this winter, they added some socks which I've donated to my mum because as a tiny person I have very large feet. They're really soft and very warm! 

My boyfriend already lit this before I could take a picture in the packaging, but it's a Glaze candle and it's smell is very relaxing. Actually got spoilt by Tesco didn't I?! 

To go along with pampering, some Radox sleep easy bubble bath. I found this hilarious as my daughter doesn't sleep well so I don't either. I'm going to save this for when she sleeps a bit better! 

And finally, a hot water bottle! A cute cable knit style to keep me warm this winter. 

This thoroughly cheered me up after a very, very rough night and thankfully one of two teeth have popped through so it's been a little bit easier on us all. I would like to thank Tesco Baby Club team for doing this not just for me but for others. It was lovely and seriously made my day. I can't wait to do this for someone else! 

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