Wednesday, 15 February 2017


On Wednesday night myself and my friend Micayla headed to the Nicky Oliver Hair Salon in Manchester city center for the launch of Restora hair products. I was invited along with other bloggers to take a look at the new products, watch a demonstration and just enjoy the night with food, drink and hair braiding.
This was probably my first big blogger/opening night event having only been to a couple of small ones previously, I was very nervous and a little bit excited. So I wanted to share with you my true experience of what it was like to attend an opening night event and what went down.

When we first arrived we were running about 10 minutes late from the time that was stated and soon headed inside out from the bitter cold. We were greeted with flutes of prosecco, our coats handled onto hangers and smiles from the huge team of staff. There was a DJ blasting out music and as the room became fuller it only got sweatier. I thought hairdressers were only hot from the hairdryers!

The salon was decorated by the team to showcase the products and WOW they made a great effort, it looked totally transformed from walking past previously the day before! It had a very ‘instagram-able’ look to it with soft pink, white and brown highlights throughout the shop. We had a nosey about and around 40 minutes into the event, we was both unsure about how long the night was going to take. I mean, I wanted to go home and get in my pj’s and watch Netflix being the mum that I am! We promised to stick it through as being the event virgins we are, we hoped it would get better. We did wait on the sofa by the door just hoping for a bit of a draft!

We was met by Nicky Oliver himself at 7pm to go downstairs for a demonstration and to talk about the products. He passionately talked about the Restora hairline, and told us later that night it was his first event in a year due to illness but he didn’t want to miss it for the world. We stood and watched as Allison demonstrated the product onto the model’s (Denim) hair.

Nicky told us how the product was initially produced for dry skin and they altered it to adapt to the hair. Denim’s hair was dry and bleached and after spending some time on holiday, it was even more damaged due to the sun and was completely dried out. When we were all invited back down later that night her hair felt completely different. It was like some sort of miracle product and I’m not lying. We were all amazed that this little serum worked so well, especially after she just had a blow dry too! Not only could you feel the difference, you could see it. I wanted my hands on it, and it felt real. Like, I’m at an event and people are seriously passionate about this product.

We got to meet the owner/developer of the product and his wife and they were just so lovely and down to earth you wouldn’t even have guessed it was theirs.
Throughout the night there was a raffle on in support of the St. John’s ambulance and prizes were awarded to people including a year supply of product. I won’t lie, I was very jealous and wished it was me, but I did however win some hair extensions for posting on social media! It was a lovely surprise and I found it hilarious as the girl wearing hair extensions, that I won them. It was nice to raise a bit of money for the charity and I wish I could’ve donated more!

We all got our hair braided in different styles and had different samples of food being handed around the room to try out. It was just a very surreal experience and while I was sat drinking I loved and enjoying it. I was happy that I had just a fishtail because out of all the complicated braids in the world, I can't even do this simple one! 

I know not all blogging events go down smoothly but this was just a great experience with great people. I just hope next time I pluck up the courage to talk to other bloggers rather than just shyly commentating on their skirt’s and hair. We kind of all stuck to our own friends/ +1's and had small talk but there wasn't a real sense of community. It wasn't like a group where you stand and tell everyone about yourselves, so everyone kind of kept to themselves. A lot of us have soon followed each other online and have made a real effort to talk a bit more though so I think that's an accomplishment in itself!

Soon after finishing a final glass of what this mama needed, it was time to go home. Coat and goodie bag in hand we left into the cold air once again.
Truthfully as you can probably tell, I loved the night. It was a bit awkward and intimidating at first like a school dance but as the night got into the swing of things it was easier to settle in and be myself. I would happily go to more events if they were anything like this one, and I hope I get the opportunity in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed my first real blogging event, and it makes me very excited for the year and time ahead.

I will be posting a before and after review of the treatment when I use it on my hair to show you the difference it makes on my hair. I’m hoping for a miracle myself as I’ve always dyed my hair since I could get my hands on it!

So until next time, 


  1. Sounds like a fabulous event! The place looks absolutely stunning! I especially loved the little doll house themed shelf with everything on it - I'd love that myself!

    Your hair was stunning!

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. It was so cute, I'd love it to put mini cactus's in or something silly myself! It was gorgeous. Thankyou! I just wish my hair looked like that now! XO

  2. Hey Lisa!!! Great review!! So good to see you at the event you looked gorgeous! Loved the fishtail braid hun! Fingers crossed we can meet again ay?!
    Great seeing you! Xxx

    1. Hey Sarah! Thanks girlll! I was too nervous to talk to others in fear of not sounding proper. I'm a bit of a common Manc lass at times. I hope I get a chance to meet you again, you never know ey?! XO