Thursday, 30 March 2017


So a couple of weeks ago myself and Claire from Dear Mummy Bear visited the Baby and Toddler Show when it came to visit Manchester on the Friday. I've been in the past when I found out that I was pregnant and missed out on the show previously due to well being a mum I guess! I made sure that I went this time and I was well equipped looking for a good bargain or two! 

As always the show is huge and most of the stalls are at the front, the food in the centre, and the bigger pieces such as cots, prams and nursery items at the back. We were more interested in finding new things to try as hoarders for our children. 

The first thing that we bought was this Julia Donaldson The Gruffalo themed book pack. The pack was worth £70 but we bought it for £10 from The Book People. Seriously, £10 for 10 books and a cute little carrier bag that went missing somehow. I was on the look for some new books for Imogen so I cant wait to wrap these for her birthday for her to enjoy when she's a little bit older!

The next stand that caught my eye was the Nibbling stand. They specified in things for teething babes. After peering over at Imogen and seeing her chewed to pieces dummy clip I was in dire need for picking up a new one up for her to chew the heck out of no doubt. I picked up this pearl looking dummy chain with a giant rose teether. I went for a nuetral colour just so it would go with her outfits more. Stylish mumma alert! They had a great selection of colours and different types to teethers that you can attach to the clip instead of a dummy. I think it cost around the £7 mark.

Across from there was the Babease stand. I'm currently working with them on a new piece for my blog so keep an eye out for that! The ladies were lovely on the stand and had a lot of information about the products. The motto was that it was food for babies, not baby food. We recieved a few samples of the food pouches from both stage 1 and stage 2, in exchange for a donation to a charity which I thought was a lovely idea! I love using these pouches with pasta to add more veggies to her diet! 

We sat down for a bit and had some food while Imogen was trying to climb out of the high chair to look at the In The Night Garden stand. Must admit it's not the easiest thing to look after a baby and eat a boiling jacket potato at the same time! We had a bit of a nosey around some more and looked at all the different stands. I must admit it's hard to refrain from buying clothes and things you don't need for you baby when you're at one of these shows. There's just so much good stuff and lovely clothes to be had. 

One thing we did need more of was bibs, so after hearing good things about Zippy bibs from my mama friends I picked up a few from the stand. They had an offer of 2 for £5 or 6 for £10. As I said earlier, both me and Claire are hoarders so we went halves and got 3 each for £5. Sneaky sneaky! They're super soft and they have a huge range of designs. So far they've been dribble proof for us! I wanted to pick up some designs that are quirky but bright, and a soft and light coloured one for summer. 

While I went and got fitted for a sling in the library and parked the pram up, I met up with Claire and her mum and Logan at a playmat area which was to advertise Asquith Day Nurseries. As I didn't get to talk to any of the staff on board I picked up a bag with all the information as I'm quite uncertain about nursery at the moment for us. Inside was this little book for Imogen! How sweet?! Bit of reading for both mama and baba! 

Every new mum, and mum to be get to receive an Emma's Diary pack. I have already had a couple of these in the past and thoroughly enjoy them as I think they're always great for testing new products and sample pieces are great to shove in a handbag. I'm going to save this and give it to my friend who's expecting as I think it'll be more use to her. Inside the new mum pack I recieved
  • 2 Lasinoh Nursing Pads
  • 1 Newborn pampers nappy
  • Lasinoh breast milk bags,
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter sample. 
  • PLUS a million leaflets! 

Finally a couple of extra freebies I picked up was this Newborn Mam bottle with a newborn dummy soother, some bubbles from a sensory stand and I was given the Snuggle Babes Peachy Bum Nappy Balm to try and test out! Imogen loves the bubbles but hates bubble machines because of the noises, is it just my daughter that hates white noise?! Again, I'm saving the bottle for a friend as we're quite settled with the Tommee Tippee bottles. I'll be featuring the Snuggle Babes Peach Bum Nappy Balm in a post soon! 

I only really had one thing in mind when I was visiting the show, was to find a sling that suited me. Imogen's become quite clingy lately and loves to be close to me, so I would like to try carrying her more often and have a sling that I can pack for the days that we carry a pram with us. I took the pram with us, and parked it into the buggy park while I got fitted for a sling by the sling library. The lady who fitted a sling to me was actually from my local area and helped me to find a sling to suit my needs as my daughter is on the bigger side of baby stages now. I was fitted with an Izmi Baby Carrier to test out while walking around the show. 

It was a lot easier to carry Imogen while walking around the show and the carrier was super comfortable, especially for someone who has strained muscles in their shoulders. I fell in love with the carrier, but I wanted to discuss purchasing one because I wanted to make sure it was suitable for my partner to carry our daughter too. I could carry bags, and wave my arms around while I felt like I was having a hug, especially when she snuggled into my chest to sleep. Excuse the awkward photo but here we are at the stand showing it off!

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed the show, even more than I did when I was pregnant. I feel like when you're pregnant and you go to the show it's great to see a huge variety of things and see all sorts of products that are on the market that you might have not even thought existed. Even though when I went it was a bit overwhelming on my own but then again I was scared of anything to do with babies! 

I thought it was amazing to visit when you're a new mum because you know more of what works for you and is a great place to stock up on essentials and new bits! Especially for weaning mama's! I'm looking forward to visiting the show again when it next visits because even if you don't buy anything it's a great day out. 

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