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During our Baby Led Weaning journey we try our best to cook and bake as much for our daughter as possible so we know she’s not getting any unwanted added extras. It can be hard when you’re out and about trying to keep your child well fed if it’s not time for a full meal. I mean just out for a shopping trip or just having a coffee with friends. Let’s talk about snacks baby! I love brands like Organix, Kiddylicious, Little Dish and others that offer different snacks that you wouldn’t have at home.

During our Baby Led Weaning journey we try our ultimate best to cook or bake everything for our daughter but when it comes to snacks we’re a bit more lenient. We turn to brands like Organix, Kiddylicious, Little Dish and Ella’s Kitchen for our daughter to try different flavours and textures with hidden veggies as well as offering fruit too.

For the convenience of being out and about being able to buy some snacks it’s almost like a treat for our daughter to eat. We try to make sure that she doesn’t eat anything that has added sugar or salt or nasty preservatives. It can be hard when you’re out and about trying to get the shopping done and your child is bored and a bit hungry but not a full meal hungry, so I offer a few snacks and it normally settles her stomach until tea time. Normally if we’re nearby a supermarket or somewhere I’ll try and offer her some fruit like kiwi or a banana or orange pieces.  However, I always carry a back up of these snacks to see us through.

What I love about this brand is that they offer some things that other brands don’t such as flavourful wafers, snap peas and veggie straws. They’re gluten, milk and in some cases egg and nut free. They don’t have any added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours either. Their Ha-Pea Snap Pea’s are a family favourite and we all love them, not just the babe!

Ella's Kitchen.
Our favourite things from Ella's Kitchen are the Raisin and Oat Cookies. They're provisonally for 12 months plus, but as we're BLW and under constant supervision we let Imogen have these as she now has teeth. She loves them! There's not really any packed veggies or fruits apart from the raisins but it's better than a rusk! Plus I don't mind stealing one either. 

Little dish.

I’ve only recently come across this brand but they’re already a new favourite. Imogen loves their Chickpea Pop Pops and I think they’re a great addition on the side for when we make her tasty curries. They break easily but don’t leave a sticky mess which is always good for on the go! I know they made little ready meal dishes for kids which I've yet to try but their snacks are delicious. 

Rice cakes galore, need I say more?! They have every flavour rice cake going and it's something I find that keeps curious hands busy. They have so many different veggie snacks available and I think our favourites are the Sweetcorn Rings. I've never seen sweetcorn snacks before so it's a new flavour to Imogen. I must warn you now, the red pepper heart snacks are not for the faint hearted, they have a coating of flavour on top of the corn snack and it makes a huge mess, so that's one for when you're at home! 

There are a million and one snacks out there on the high street but these are our go to's and favourites. What are yours? How do you make sure your babes are eating as many veggies are possible? Bribery? Or just sneakily putting it in their food, let me know! 

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