Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Over the past 10 months we’ve had our fair share of dummy fights. I was determined to make sure Imogen didn’t have a dummy because I was afraid of her attachment when she was older. I know they’re a hit and miss subject but in the end, they’ve worked well for us. The only problem I’ve encountered is that when Imogen craves her dummy more while she’s teething, she tends to bite everything in sight including her dummy clip.

We’ve tried out a couple of dummy clips but my main worry is her choking on anything. Normally you see dummy clips decorated with beads and all different kinds of accessories. I’ve personally bought Imogen a wooden one in the past that looked adorable when when taking her pictures for Instagram and photos but as she started to teeth more the wood started to chip and I know I had to try something new. Something a bit more safe.

I was kindly sent this trio pack of clips from Baby Wings to test out. On first appearances I thought that the fabric would’ve frayed at the edges and I was a bit worried about the clasp. After testing them out for a week I found that I was completely wrong.

This unisex pack survived the biting tests, the soggy dribbles and didn’t fray or even make a mark within a week! I think that’s an achievement on our behalf anyway. Each design is made up of different shape elements leaving a creative design. My favourite out of the three is the spots and diamonds design. It’s made from a smooth silky feeling fabric and an embroidered logo on top which Imogen likes to play with.

The clasp itself you have to flip back for it to open and is sort of like crocodile teeth. It clips easily onto fabric and is a very study when shut. It doesn’t mark clothing or pram belts/car seat belts. I don’t have to worry about Imogen being able to open it up.The dummy is attached by looping the string hoop around the dummy. It’s not the quickest if you want to unattach it at any point, but by no means is it difficult. It just means that it’s a bit more secure for when your little babe is trying to pull at it as much as they can and play and mess around that it stays firm in place.

The only thing I would say that I don’t love about the dummy clip is that the design is lovely, but I’m a pastel girl at heart so when they’re bring out their future lines, I’m excited to see what they’ll have in store! However, that is just me being picky as I always am! 

The Baby Wings dummy clips are a great quality product and if you're looking for something with a cute design and child friendly then look no further!

They retail for around £5.50 for a pack of three which you can buy from Amazon here.

*This post contains PR Samples, all views are my own. 


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