Thursday, 2 March 2017


Over the past couple of months we have tried weaning a couple of different ways. When we first started, we used the purée method and wanted to build it up. I was so scared of baby led weaning and well when I have my mother breathing down my shoulder about everything I do with my daughter, it makes things a lot harder. So I wanted to update you all on our journey so far, and over the next week share some recipes we love and some tips and tricks. 
So when we first began our journey Imogen was 5 months old. She was more than ready to start weaning and we were excited. We went and kitted out on all the tools and the food we would need to first start her off before we made our own purees. The only problem was she didn't like baby rice. That threw us off a little but as we didn't know what to do next, do we stop or do we try again? We chose to keep trying with her but it still wasn't working. On the off chance it was the baby rice, we tried a bit of sweet potato puree and well, she loved it! Couldn't feed it her quick enough!  

Everything was going fine but she started to refuse milk and water and was getting constipated so we stopped the food immediately. I know babies can go off milk when they are teething but I just knew that this was just her being fussy. We stopped food for around two weeks, just so we could get her back into a routine with her milk again. Slowly again we introduced food. This time, we did it as baby led weaning. 

It wasn't something I let happen, it's something she did herself. She grabbed food off of my plate and ate it then and there. Luckily it was only some broccoli that she managed to pick. From there we made banana pancakes, tried her with bits of fruit and cooked through veg and she loved it. She's been amazing and has rarely refused any food. 

Over the next week I want to share with you some of our favourites and a couple of tips and tricks including how to use up puree's that you no longer need! 

Until next time, 


  1. Aww bless her! Even at a young age, they know what they want :) My kiddos, although they're older (2, 4, 6, 8) all love the goodies & the puffy things x

    1. They're just so easy to have on hand too aren't they? Like I can imagine them being wolfed down as she get's older. At least it doesn't cost too much at the moment! I must admit, I do like eating little gingerbread men from Organix myself! Xo