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When it comes to introducing foods to a baby whether it be Baby Led Weaning or Puree, it’s important for them not only to soak up all the fruit and vegetables, but for them to explore a range of flavours and textures. Being a mum who has tried both different ways of weaning I was always a bit sceptical about adding flavours in to Imogen’s food as I was scared of spices, strength of some herbs and well I didn’t want her being put off food. I wish I had encouraged them into her diet sooner but here is how I learnt to trust myself.

I’ve never been a mum for the baby books and I’ve sort of winged everything along the way and while I knew my daughter loved her vegetables, her fruits, pastry, pasta and meats, it was all a little bland. I’d add a bit of cinnamon to banana pancakes every now and then but that’s as wild as I would go.

I saw a tweet about Zainab’s new book about Flavour Led Weaning and right then I knew that was exactly what I needed in my life. It encourages babies from a young age with their first foods up to table dinners about adding flavour and variety into babies diets. The book introduces from stage one of first tastes to different finger foods such as Chewable Teething Sticks to then bigger dinners when they’re able to hold a knife and fork and feed themselves.

The book talks about each stage before you see the recipes, things to consider and what to encourage in that particular stage. It gives great help into portion size but if your babe is anything like mine, then she’ll tell you when she’s full. Another great thing that Zainab has included is that she talks about what ingredients are great to boost immune systems, great for constipation, a cold and more!

Even though when it comes to meal times it can be a bit daunting trying something new, the book encourages you to try different things and is straight forward full of pictures to show you the meals and is very easy to read. It eases you in, which makes it easy enough for a basic chef like me! There wasn’t really any funny ingredients that I hadn’t heard before and I didn’t think that I was trying my best Jamie Oliver impression whilst trying to cook. It was straight forward and everything just added a little flavour especially to some well loved recipes I’ve tried previously in the past such as spaghetti bolognaise.

There’s a huge variety of different meal options such as homemade fish fingers, tortilla mini pizza’s (which I think are great for bigger kids too!), curries and many, many more. I think it’s a great gift for any new parent or parent to be no matter what type of weaning they want to do because I always find that puree’s are a great way to hide veggies in other meals such as pasta sauces or pinwheels or fritters. Plus theres a variety of finger foods and meals for when they're a bit bigger too! 

I’ve tried and tested the Cheesy Tortilla Pizza Slices and I will be posting a blog post in the next couple of days with the recipe on my blog. It was a huge hit with my 9 month old daughter and the surprising ingredient for me was dried apricots! Who would’ve thought to put them on a pizza?! Healthy and delicious!

I’ve recommended the book to a few of my friends and I urge you to have a look at it for yourself if you struggle with flavours like me. 

You can buy the book here from Amazon for £14.99.

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