Wednesday, 1 March 2017


We all want to absorb every little memory of our little ones that we possibly can so we’ll pay for things that make the memories last or the moments we wish to be remembered. I think capturing my daughters footprints and hand prints at such an early age is very special and is something delicate that I want to treasure for the rest of my life. It doesn't help that I'm a hoarder on the side! I know most people only try an imprint kit once, but I think it's a great idea to do it a couple of times in their first year. Recently I came into contact with the Tip Toes imprint kit and it isn't ink, or clay. Aka. No fuss. So read on to hear more. 
If you've tried a kit before you know how messy and how tricky it can be trying to get your child to comply and not scrunch their feet and run the piece of art you've just took 20 minutes to get right. If you're like me and tried to make your own salt dough and the prints ended up rising for no particular reason and burnt then you have no worries with this either. 

On arrival it was light. So light it didn't feel like there was an object in my post and had to double check that there was some thing inside but alas there actually was. A super lightweight kit. It's made from what I can only describe as a polystyrene foam. The design of the kit is a super cute and ditzy print and on the back even has a place to write about your child on that day you make the imprint. 

The kit had little instructions that made it easy to use for a first time user and it directed you to use it while your child was sleeping. Why didn't I think of that before?!? No scrunched up feet equals no messed up print! I followed the instructions and pressed Imogen's feet into the mould one by one. I had to try a total of six times to get a print that you could actually see. I really pressed onto her feet and she has large feet for a 9 month old so I'm not sure how others would go about when using it. Maybe it would be easier to make one with smaller feet? I'm not sure. It wasn't that easy for me trying to balance my sleeping baby on me (teething and clingy) and trying to do the kit at the same time. 

I've found it to be easier to work with clay kits to get the print, but the mess and the hassle to get there is a lot harder than this one by tip toes. It makes it super easy for a parent or guardian by themselves to use. I think with this particular kit it's great for what it does, but I think you get more detail with a clay print. Or at least in my experience.

After you've got your print done and your happy with it, they have pieces of plastic to protect the prints and to case them in. I wish there was a way to place them inside so you don't have to see the plastic edges on the outside and the tape that's almost invisible. I think it just makes it look a little bit cheap and it ruins the design that it has going around the edges. It does a great job at protecting the mould inside though which is the main part. I just wish there was a way so you can see the writing around the sides. Again, I'm nitpicking but it's what I do best! 

Over all I think it's an okay gift for the £10 budget however it's not my favourite in particular. It's not that there's better out there, because I haven't seen this type of imprint kit before! I just think that I'll still like to mess with clay and get more hands on. I think it would suit a lot of other parents but it just isn't for me. I know that others have got on a lot better, so maybe it was just us after all! I know fellow blogger Emma at Our Fairytale Adventure got on a lot better and loved the product so take a read of her review if you're thinking about buying it. You can find her review here. You can also buy the kit from here. 

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