Tuesday, 11 April 2017


A little bit late but better than never. Here is our 10 month update! Imogen's becoming seriously clever considering her age it's amazing me how smart she actually is. I'm still unsure as to where her brains have come from but she's progressing rapidly. This month Imogen has started to walk with her walker everywhere. She's still dominantly crawling but she's learning how to use the walker and how to move it across the front room. 
Her hair is finally growing in and is getting really think on top and at the back but we're yet to see the sides growing. I keep saying she's got an undercut from the scene kid days! She's started having what we think is nightmares so some nights she’ll sleep through, some she’ll scream until we rock her in the pram and try to pry her out. Some she’ll climb iour bed at 5am because she wants us to spoon her. Whatever the predicament we've tried our best to get her into her own bed but we know that it's getting easier for her the way that we're handling it. 

We've just been to her great great Nans birthday party. She turned 90! Oh my gosh. Imogen was soaking up all of the attention even when there was a newborn in the room. She loved seeing her cousins toddler around though especially when they was playing with confetti balloons. How crazy to think that I've started planning her 1st birthday and she's just witnessed four generations above her all together at a party! She's so lucky. 

I'm so excited to plan her first birthday and make it look Pinterest worthy however I can't help but see it as bittersweet. How has my little tiny baby grown so quick and where did the time go?! That's just what kids do though isn't it? We can't stop it. Gets me thinking about what would future kids be like, would they compare? Will I love them this much? Anyway, I'm excited to celebrate her first year in life and wow what a little Madame we have our hands! I'll be posting about that soon. 

I personally am back on track. I still have a moment every now and then but I feel like I'm not battling PND anymore. I have battled and won. Honestly I'm not sure how much of it has to do with it, but since stopping having the injection I've found that my moods are a lot better and I don't feel as sluggish. It's not solved my stomach problems so aka why I'm on a strict diet at the moment. 

I don't believe that the injection helped me with my postnatal depression but I don't think it was the cause either. I'm saying it's not to blame. I just found it helped keep my hormones in check when I came off it and it was a lot easier for us all as a family to understand why I was crying. Now it's mainly due to stress which I'm trying my best to alleviate. 

So finally we're having an appointment with the health visitor this monthj. Having our 9-12 month check up. We haven't had one since Imogen was 6 weeks old so I'm actually rather excited to show them how bright she is, and how well she is doing. Hopefully everything checks out well and doesn't leave me with anxiety! So the next update I will tell you all about that. 

Until next time. 


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