Friday, 21 April 2017


Mamamamamamamamababamamama. That’s all I’ve been hearing these past couple of weeks. My little girl has finally started to say Mama after starting out by saying Daddy. It’s strange to see her go through fads of words that she says. I know she doesn’t really know what Mama is or Daddy but she does like to say it when we walk in the room as well as Gaga.

Our ever little independent girl has been up and down this month with her moods. Some days she’ll be so pleasant that you would think she’s an angel and some days, well they’re not so good. We’ve noticed that her top teeth are moving down, and one in particular is close to cutting so we’re hoping it’s just something to do with that. I’m a bit nervous in case she develops separation anxiety from me and Reece. The way she’s been crawling into our beds at the moment and wanting us to hold her constantly but also wants to play with all her toys at the same time worries me a little bit.

She’s been using her walker a lot more around the house now, as in she will go and grab it to walk places and then crawl the rest of the way if it get’s stuck. She’s started to learn how to turn it too. The only problem is she likes to use it to get into the kitchen and tries to empty the cupboard on a well, every minute sort of basis. Our front room/dining room is open planned but luckily we have a door to the kitchen so we keep it closed at all times. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve picked up tin foil from the vegetable rack or how I’ve had to fly to get her away from the cleaning cupboard. They’re just so attracted to the things that they can’t have!

We haven’t had our appointment yet with the HV, it’s due on Monday because of the disruption of the Easter/Bank holiday weekend. I’ve been looking over the assessment form that she sent me to fill out to speed things up a little and Imogen’s nailing I’d say about 80% of it.  She’s not there with her walking yet, her speech isn’t amazingly fabulous but it’s getting there and same for her offering and sharing things. So I’m not worried at all, I just hope that her weight is at the right place because when she was born she was tiny, then piled on the pounds quickly so I think that BLW has helped us not to over feed her as she was such a huge fan of her milk in the beginning.

As you may have seen, we visted London last month for R’s birthday which you can read all about here. Imogen was amaaaazing. I wish I had took her sooner to London, well, when she started to drop her bottles. It’s just so much easier when there’s a big gap in between feeds to be able to wander around. We just took Reece’s backpack with all of ours and Imogen’s things in and got her changed into her jim jams before we caught the train home. It was a lovely day and we’re going to try and go in the summer again we think for a couple of days so we can explore different area’s we haven’t been to before. She loved seeing lots of people and was waving to everyone and it certainly helped that it was sunny too.

We’ve got a couple of events in line for the next month for both myself and Imogen. Appointments, parties, blogging events and a bump to baby event too. It’s going to be busy but it get’s me so excited because I’ve got so much to look forward to. I get to see friends and make new ones and that helps a lot when you’re a stay at home mum. 

I’ve been trying to work out if I’m going back to work. I don’t have a job lined up as I explained previously so I’d be looking for something new. We would just suffer a lot because of nursery fee’s due to Imogen’s age and we don’t get any extra benefits unless a job I got had them. We’d have to put her in all the days that me and R can’t manage because there isn’t family to look after her as they have ever changing shift patterns themselves too. It’s tough. I want to go out, I want to work and be around people. However, for the £200 I’d come out with when I deduct all of the fee’s and travel it just seems silly. £200 for what? An extra £50 a week and not see my daughter all week? It just seems silly to me. I get why other people do it, but I’m just struggling.  I’ll explain everything in a more in depth post later and see if any of my lovely readers have any advice.

And that's it for now. Imogen's a happy little bug, and I'm plodding along and trying to get things sorted in my life to help us all out. 

Until the big 1 year old update, 


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