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With winter days behind us and the longing of the summer rays, we’ve found ourselves in a bit of limbo with how do we dress our baby at night in spring. With it not being cold enough for multiple layers, but not quite cool enough for the days in a vest and a blanket we’ve struggled to figure out what temperature our ever-inconsistent house is and how do we make sure our daughter is warm enough at night without her over heating?

In the past while Imogen was in our room for the first few months we could easily reach over and keep an eye on her at all times as to how blankets were wrapped or if she was comfortable. Now we creep over the creaky landing and hope her squeaky door doesn’t wake her and she wants to jump in our bed. When we go to bed we make sure the house is nice and warm for her to be comfortable in her room but it’s hard to keep that heat topped up at night. We’ve used blankets (which she kicks off immediately and cries), a thin quilt (yep still just like the blanket situation), and we’ve tried sleeping bags in the past. The reason sleeping bags stopped working was that they didn’t keep her arms warm, and when she started rolling and crawling, she followed it in her sleep and it made it extremely uncomfortable for her.

We were recently sent this Ergopouch to review and try and test with Imogen. After a flush of hot nights, we weren’t able to use it. However, when it came to those in between uhms and ahhs we had something that we could use to keep her warm. As well as that it told us how to.

On arrival of receiving the ErgoPouch it was beautifully packaged and if it wasn’t for my daughters sudden interest in tags I wouldn’t have given the front a second thought It was a room thermometer attached to the pouch. It tells you what temperatures to use the pouch in and what you’re best dressing them in.  On the back it tells you what tog to use in what weather and what thickness of tog to use. The tog of our ErgoPouch is 2.5 which is generally the standard you buy in the shops. There a few differences between this and what you will find on the high street though.

The thing that automatically drawn me in to this sleeping bag in particular was the fact it had sleeves. The amount of times I’ve said to my partner that they need to create sleeping bags with arms is endless. It not only helps keep the sleeping bag in place, but it keeps the heat in so their arms aren’t getting cold on the night while the rest of the body stays warm. The arms are made from a different material than the rest of the bag so it’s easy for the baby to move their arms around and helps them to not sweat. It also has built in mitts to keep hands in warm and for younger babies not to scratch their faces.

The second thing, which I found to be revolutionary was the fact it’s not just a sleeping bag. The pouch area can be zipped so it’s the pouch bottom that you see on standard sleeping bags. But this one cleverly zips so you can change it to create legs, so if you have a crawling babe like mine, they’re not distressed by the lack of space and can easily roll and climb up the cot in the morning to greet you hello! Another bonus is that if your babe is at an age where they are crawling and toddling, they have special grips on the bottom of where the feet are so if they were to walk, it’s not on a slippy surface.

I think that this would be perfect for those mums who have to do the school run or if your baby is a late riser like mine and are running a little bit late as the sleeping bag transforms into legs, it’s great to transfer the baby into the pram or the car to make life a little bit easier. I’ve done this before and took her an outfit in the changing bag and got her changed when we’ve arrived!

I personally think that this has helped get our daughter into more of a routine. Now I’m not saying it’s just the sleeping bag, but the past couple of times we’ve used it, she’s slept through. I just think it’s helped her to sleep better because every inch of her is covered and kept warm. We have the size 8-24 months and although it’s extremely large on Imogen, it doesn’t budge anywhere on her frame. Imogen’s a smaller sized 10 month old baby but this holds up perfectly on her and is great for her to grow with. So even when it comes to summer and we have to retire it into the drawers for a lighter tog when it’s past 23 degree’s, we will have it there ready to use again a couple of months later for the autumn and winter. We do live in Manchester after all, we don’t get that much sunshine!

As I said earlier, Imogen does not like being covered.  She’s a baby that hates covers and getting dressed. Now I must admit she does not like being in this when she’s cranky at 9pm and we’re trying to get her to sleep but it still takes the same amount of time to get her to sleep. She isn’t in any discomfort to the sleeping bag which is good. She reacts a lot better to being put in this than using blankets to keep her warm so I think that’s a mighty bonus for me and my partner to getting a better nights sleep.

Overall I think it’s a lovely design that’s comfortable and soft to ensure that a baby keeps warm all night and covers all of her body up to her neck. The print is super cute compared to a lot of designs that are currently on the market and they have more on their website. At £55.99 it’s not the cheapest sleeping bag I admit it however would I buy it and recommend it to all of my friends? Yes! Yes I would. It’s a great investment for your baby’s health and for the fact we’ve used it this winter and will be using it next winter instead of buying about 4 different sleeping bags that amount to the same price justifies it for me. I think it's great especially for when your baby is at the age where they're on the move. The sleep suit bags start at sizes 2-8 months. You can purchase the sleepsuit bag from ergoPouch here.

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