Sunday, 9 April 2017


Over the past couple of weeks we've been collecting some bits and pieces towards Imogen's summer wardrobe and some essentials that we think she will need considering we live in Manchester, it's not always sunny enough to be wearing dresses! We've shopped around and bought some things that we think she'd look lovely in, and some things that are just playful and eye catching. I must admit, I'm a sucker for Next but I think high street stores and supermarkets have some cute ranges out at the moment! 

First things first, is this cute aztec inspired patterned dress from Next, it's probably my favourite out of the lot and I wish I had it in my on size! #twinning anyone!? I think paired with some sandals and a sunhat this summer when she's hopefully toddling about will look tres tres cool! 

I love Next for their huge selection but when it comes to their slightly cheaper items they don't lower quality or print. For instance, this fun loving print reminds me of something from a comic book and actually looks lovely on and Imogen loves to look at the bright pictures. This was only £6! Bargain.

To pair with the pinky/peachy dress as shown earlier, we bought this cardigan for when the weather gets a bit cooler. It's a sweet cable knit paired with a lace doily type knit. This was £11.

This neon peachy colour spotted dress was £6 from Next. This was a number that my mum picked for Imogen and as much as it's slighly too bright for my eyes, it looks adorable and I bet it'll look great when she wears it! 

Another one of my favourites is this pinstripe grey dress with coral detailing. I just think a grey dress is so versatile and a not so obvious choice when it comes to baby clothes! Another beauty for £6! 

The next two came as a set and it makes me think of sunny days in a park or on the beach with little sandals and a big floppy sun hat. It's an embroidered top and shorts set filled with images from nature. I think it was around the £14 mark. Don't hold me to it, I lost the receipt and tags and I have the man flu.  

Imogen is fascinated with my mum hoodies as she always gets them in vibrant colours so we bought her one to match. I just love the little lightning bolt detail! This was £9. 

And last but not least from Next, we picked up these black leggings. Another little staple in her wardrobe to go with her hoodie. £2.50? Yep can't go wrong! They're just so soft and comfortable especially for while she's crawling! 

Realising that Imogen doesn't have many jumpers I picked up this cute pastel pink one from Zara complete with a crochet pocket. I know it wont fit her until the sun is shining but I think it'll be lovely for the cooler days. It was £9.

Strangely enough Imogen picked this out for herself. I was on the hunt for a couple of cute tee's to pair with her endless leggings collection and she grabbed this one in Zara. I picked it up in 9-12 months for her and it was a great bargain of £3.99!

A classic plain white tee with a peach bow motif for £3.99! I love Zara for their white tops because they're just versatile. 

It was 3 for 2 on selected items in H&M and I had spotted this pinstripe dress (have you spotted my obsession yet?!) for £3.99 and I knew then I had to have it! I left the other two options to my partner and I don't think he did a bad job, what do you think? 

R picked up this ditsy butterfly printed dress which I think will look super cute with a denim jacket and baby docs. Trying to make my girl a punk rocker! This was also £3.99!

Last but not least from H&M are these adorable mint greeny/blue leggings with little hot air balloons print. They're just so fun and light. We roll them up to fit Immy as she has our short legs! These were our freebie which would normally be £3.99! 

I went and had a nosey in Primark. Honestly, I think it's great for what it is but I never really find anything in there. I only ever buy leggings for myself and the same for Imogen. I do love their basics for children though and I always buy her vests from there because they're great quality compared to most I've tried. I bought this pair of jeggings for her for £2.50 and I think it's gonna look lovely with that white top from Zara pictured above! 

The best story behind this dress is the fact my mum bought it for Imogen from Tesco's and she bought it because she liked the colour and didn't have the foggiest what Beauty and the Beast was! It's quite huge but I know by the time Imogen fits into it, she's going to be in love with Disney.

Another disney favourite from Tesco was this 2 piece Bambi set. I love it for the cardigan detail that makes it look like it's from the 1950's but it's just an adorable outfit for a baby! 

Since Imogen was born we've bought dungarees for her because I think they're gorgeous on little girls and adorable on newborn babies. I picked out this floral almost Easter inspired outfit from Nutmeg at Morrisons! 

A multipack of socks. Honestly where do these things disappear to?! 

Another one of my favourites from this haul is this sweet pinafore two peice dress set with embroidered flowers. It's just so fresh and lovely for spring and was only £7 from Nutmeg!

And lastly we bought this coral tshirt for £3 and the joggers to match with it for those lazy days at home! I try to make Imogen dress as stylishly as possible, even on her 'stay at home' days. I think it's a cute outfit when she's not dressing up in a dress or out and about. It's still not slobby though and a great price too! 

 And that's it! I've not included all the plain vest and tights from Primark in this haul but they are a must if you're swinging by for a little girl. It's a bit of a girlier haul than usual with all the 'pink and corals'. I just wish I had this many clothes for myself! 

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