Friday, 28 April 2017


Recently I was at the Baby and Toddler show where I went to find and try a new carrier for myself and my daughter Imogen. We had been using a Babyway Carrier 3 in 1 and found that it wasn't working for us. It wasn't great for while we used it as she was too small of a baby nor was it great for when she got bigger. She just didn't feel safe and it put me off carrying her unless it was a walk around the shop. At the show, they had a sling library to test out the Izmi Baby Carrier where they fitted it to your body and talked through what requirements you was looking for in a carrier. Let me tell you about how you need to find the perfect carrier to suit yourself and your babe. 
 It felt a lot easier to be able to talk to a couple of experts that had been using slings for years. Myself and my partner are classed as plus size so my worry was always finding a carrier that would fit us both to use comfortably and that we wouldn't struggle to construct.

At the show I carried my daughter around and I found the sling to be so comfortable and freeing and she seemed very comfortable to the point she was asleep for two hours. I like to face her so she is chest to chest so it does get a little bit warm even with the breathable cotton fabric but it wasn't awkward or anything and it was easy to cool her down once I took off her cardigan as we were indoors. So I wanted to take the test to the streets and see if my partner agreed. 

I got into touch with Izmi as I wanted to try the carrier with my partner and see if he found it comfortable too and if we found it easy to wear once we were out and about and on the streets rather than in a hall. He found it a little fiddly as he isn't used to wearing a carrier but once he had her strapped in, he thought it was just as amazing as I did. The Izmi carrier comes in an arrange of colours and we picked the bright Teal colour just to have something different. 

Recently I went to London which you can read about here on a family day out with my partner. We took the pram for ease and comfort for Imogen as she is used to having her pram, but we put it away in left luggage for the day and carried her around all day facing both in and out. She loved seeing the streets of London and was waving to everyone, and snuggled right into me for a nap. The carrier has an extra bit of fabric which clips to support your babies head while they're sleeping or if they're young.

As we went around the big busy city we tried to cram in as much time walking around and exploring rather than sitting down in cafe's. This meant switching Imogen around in the carrier while we were out and about. From facing myself to facing outwards was a bit fiddly to swap her around, but I managed to nail it. I mean, how often can you say it was easy enough to twist your baby around without help or sitting down?! It's just a simple carrier with no over the top fancy bits that are unnecessary. It comes with easy and simple instructions and even a booster seat for smaller babes/back carrying. I can't wait to try that out next, but I'm not that confident just yet. 

After a bit of exploring my partner took a turn in carrying her around the city and he loved it and he felt more involved with Imogen and creating a closer bond is really important to all of us. It's a lightweight carrier and you can adjust the straps on to spread the weight a bit more on your shoulders if you prefer it that way. I prefer it so it's thinner straps at the top myself. 

The carrier is just such a great alternative to pushing a pram around all day and let's your child see more of what is going on. It's recommended by Izmi that your babe faces you once they're 10 months old, so they can develop their senses when it comes to emotions and talking with you! It's made me fall in love with carrying Imogen while we're out and about and I'm always sure to pack it under the pram just in case she want's to have a nosey on those longer outings. 

I got the Izmi carrier from the cheeky rascals website which you can find here. Although I would recommend checking out your local sling library and talking to an expert to find what you are comfortable with. It can get pricey if you don't try before you buy. I like the Izmi carrier because it's lightweight, easy to carry with me anywhere even when I'm not wearing it and I can adjust the straps.

Have you ever tried babywearing? What did  you think, let me know! 

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*This post contains PR samples, all views are entirely my own and I was not obliged to post this. 


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