Friday, 14 April 2017


So recently myself and R went to London on a day trip visit for his birthday and what good is going to London without visiting LUSH? We're huge fans of the brand so we wanted to visit their biggest store to see some of the exclusives and to see if any of our old faves were just hiding in the back. On with the haul!

The first thing that R picked was The Mothership. This giant blue bath bomb that you could probably use in about 7 bath tubs. It takes about 30 minutes for the full thing to evaporate into the water. If you look at the picture above, you can see just how large it is compared to a normal size LUSH bath bomb! 

Next was Metamorphosis which was not honestly my cup of tea when it comes to smelling it. It's on the musky side and probably nice for those who are fans of Lord of Misrule. With the name, I wanted to see what the grey dusky colour would transform into which was yellows, pinks, oranges and a hint of green.  

Being a huge fan of LUSH's bath oils which I think are actually my favourite ever bath product, I went in with big eyes to spot some that I had never seen before and hoped for a new favourite. I bought The Cloak of Invisibility while I was in store because I liked the sweet floral fragrance of it which I think was Jasmine and Rosewood. It's still not as good as my favourite You've Been Mango-ed though! 

Next is The Sun Bath Melt which I think looks great as a copper coloured bath oil but also it smells like rich dark orange chocolate. Anyone else feeling hungry? I'm excited to give this a try hopefully when I have some chocolate to eat at the same time! 

While I was trying to find the lovely smelling bath oils I picked up On Troubled Water just because it looked pretty! 

Another beautifully coloured bath oil I picked up was the Monsieur Gustave bath oil. I just have a thing for these rich colours with shiny surfaces and it reminded me of The Grand Budapest Hotel. I can't wait to try it out and sink in with it's woody notes. I want everything in my house this colour of purple. 

And last but not least I picked up the Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb. It's just so  pretty and almost looks like a baby dinosaur egg. I just can't wait to melt in the bath with this bath bomb. I hope it floats around just like a lotus flower does in water. 

And that's everything that we picked up from LUSH. We only wanted to pick up a few things that we know we can't get in the Manchester branch and to try out some new things. 

Is there anything you wish was on the permanent line in stores?

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