Monday, 3 April 2017


Over the course of the past month, I have fallen in love with creating memories. In February things became a bit of a blur and I hadn't really discovered any new monthly favourites. I didn't want to just praise just any old thing. However, I've been treated (more like spoilt!) by my other half and he bought me a Nikon D3300 and this is where my love for my favourites this month have appeared from. 

So for the obvious, my first monthly favourite is my new camera. My new baby called Nikon. What a little beauty. While I was in college I did a BTEC Art & Design course. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life so I never applied for a college but my teachers made me go to college. One of the courses was photography. I always loved using a camera and dreamt of a Nikon but frankly I'm scared of the dark so I could never take it up properly! So when R offered to buy me a new camera for blogging, but for also capturing moments with our daughter I couldn't say no. So far we've been to Liverpool and London and tried and tested it and well, I'm in love. That's all I need to say! 

Next is the Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation in NC15. While we visited Liverpool I popped into Urban Decay to try a new foundation but I didn't find anything to my fancy and it was a little crowded with my family so we went to the Mac store and I picked this up. I'm loving it! It just goes on so smoothly and I find it easy to use with a brush and to build it up. It's quite a light foundation I would say from Mac, but I wanted something that wouldn't go Matte because my skin is a bit on the dull side currently. I wish it was a pump applicator but after a couple weeks of use I can't fault it! 

For Valentines R bought me (I know it sounds like he's a big spender doesn't it?!) some Lush goodies as well as other things. I finally got to try the infamous Unicorn Horn bubble bar. How cute is this?! It smells so good and is super bubbly. I like to crush it in the bag and sprinkle into the bath. I get quite a few goes out of this and I think it's just lovely! Lush, please make it permanent!

After a lot of Pinteresting and planning our big house move, I really want a house full of plants. As we currently don't have enough room I'm just sticking to trying to keep the one cactus alive. So far so good. It just makes the house feel a bit more fresh. I can't wait to grow a cacti family! 

So last but not least on my list are photographs. To coincide with the fact that I have a new camera, I'm trying to keep up with every picture that has been taken of Imogen by myself and my family and friends. I want to collate them so I can get every single one printed off and put into photo albums. It's going to be costly but so worth it. I just think it's so easy to lose photo's these days as easy as it is to take them. I just want every picture to be cherished, especially while she's so young. 

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