Tuesday, 4 April 2017


So I wanted to start a new segment on my blog dedicated to the days out that we have together as a family so I can look back and see all the great times and adventures we had together. Being from Manchester and not driving, well, it's not the easiest to get away but every once in a while we'll pack our bags and board a train and hopefully soon in the future a plane. 

So for our first adventure, we went to Liverpool! With Liverpool being only an hour or so away on the train from where we live, we went to soak up some of the sunshine and explored the famous Beatles home turf.

Taking Imogen on the train wasn't too hard. She's normally great at journeys and this wasn't an exception. Just a toy or two and playing peek a boo with other passengers made her happy and ready for the day ahead. We arrived mid afternoon and went and had some lunch at Wagamama's. It was the first time I had been to that particular restaurant since I was in labour! Crazy how much has changed in less than a year. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and Imogen enjoyed her first time having Cod Bites with sweet corn, cucumber, rice with katsu sauce. IT was nice to see her eating a proper meal out with us rather than bits and pieces because of her age. 

Afterwards we went and had a nice walk to the docks to show her the sea. It's strange to think that just over a year previous I worked at the seaside and my daughter had never even seen it or knew what it was! We had a nosey on one of the ships that was raising money for refurbishments. After a look around and soaking up the sun we were just walking off the food that we kind of over ate. It was nice to be out in the summer sun and not feel like we were in England for a minute. The breeze was a bit much at the front and was a bit crowded by a school trip so we went back and did a little bit of shopping in Liverpool One. 

Liverpool One is one of the loveliest shopping areas just because it's still outdoors but I guess that's not such a good thing if it was to rain! We went and tried some clothes and picked up a toy that we had been trying to get for Imogen everywhere as a treat. Feeling a bit exhausted we got a coffee to perk up and I accidentally walked into Mac and made a couple of purchases. Like my legs started walking and next minute I was paying by card and it was a bit of a blur! No in reality I wanted a new foundation and I picked up a replacement of Mac Mehr lipstick as mine was a bit worse for wear. 

We then went home and Imogen was the happiest little bean on the train and so well behaved. IT was an enjoyable day out apart from my own tantrum about my mum tum and not being able to buy clothes! It makes me excited to take her more places for us all to explore. 

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