Tuesday, 18 April 2017


For Reece's birthday, we planned  trip to London for a day out as we had been wishing to go back for ages, but we wanted to wait until Imogen was at an age where we could relax and enjoy the city without having to stop every two minutes for a bottle. I wanted to share with you what we got up to on our family day out to London. 

That morning we got up super early for this lazy lot that sleep in until 9ish every day and headed to Manchester to get the two hour train down to London. Equipped with a coffee and a Pret salad in hand we tried our best to keep Imogen entertained for the ride. We took both the pram and the carrier with us for ease and comfort. It would've been a lot easier if we could've had the pram open on the train and not packed away, but that's just wishful thinking. We took the pram just for Imogen to feel comfortable in, if she got too much for me carrying her all day. Also, so she could sit in the pram part on her train seat. (Yeah, this was glorious and we got the funniest looks as you could imagine).

So when we arrived we put the pram into a luggage hold and just took her out in the carrier all day. It was so much easier going up and down the tubes not having to worry about a lift and trying to push our ways through the crowds. We just had to be careful that we didn't get knocked into. It was a lovely day and for us northerners that means, coats away and sunglasses at bay. While it was nice we thought we'd take a detour and visit Camden, despite saying that we wouldn't bother this time around. 

We love Camden Town and the markets so much. There's so much going on and they have an amazing amount of food on offer. We we're offered samples everywhere but we settled by visiting a stall that sold a selection of Vegan cake. Sorry, not really sorry but we ate it before we took a picture. Naughty blogger! I got a salted caramel cake and it was to die for. So if you're dairy free like myself, keep an eye out for it. It almost feels naughty! We went and ate it while having a daydream looking over the canal.

We popped into Campbell's Canal Cafe as it was quite quiet to have a drink before going back out into the heat and exploring more of London. We were lucky as the cafe was pretty much empty at this point and we got to enjoy some vegan friendly beverages. I can't wait to come back here and try the food out, it looked delicious but our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we just settled with the cake we just bought.

Next we headed to the British Museum. After searching for different museums, we thought we'd have a look at the British Museum, because Reece really likes Japanese culture. As it was his birthday I wanted to try and do things for him even though it was a family day out. Personally I find more interest in art galleries than I do in history museums, but he loved it and that made me super happy. 

We walked back down towards Tottenham Court Road and walked to Oxford Circus to see our haven, LUSH. How could we possibly go to London and not visit the huge store of dreams?! I live for LUSH and their over enthusiastic staff. It was lovely I just found it hilarious that I knew a bit more about their products than half of the staff there. And I'm not even an addict. They were lovely though. You can read about what we bought here. Imogen loved all the attention while she was in the carrier from the staff too!

After a wonder around the area, and getting lost until we walked into the Carnaby Street sign, we went for some well deserved proper food at Shoryu where we tried some new dishes and both had ramen. It was different compared to what we're used to, as I had a pork belly broth and being oblivious to cut's of meat, it was fatty and made me feel a bit sick. Reece had a vegan broth with seaweed and he loved it. Definitely going to try the one back in Manchester. We switched for a while so Reece carried Imogen around the last hour or two while we we're in the city. Imogen was still comfy even though we adjusted the straps so it wouldn't irritate her rash on her leg. 

After a last hour to browse around the city we headed back via the tube and Imogen tried to grab ladies bags to whom we could only apologise to. The day was lovely and the scenery was even better. I would happily go to London or anywhere for a day visit again, as long as I could carry Imogen all day. It was a seriously long day and even when she gained a temperature on the way home and refused to sleep, she was still lovely. She's such a little explorer already like her mummy and daddy. Reece had a great birthday and I'm glad we went to London. I would recommend going with babies and kids as long as you could carry them, for ease. It was super busy especially when certain tube stations get blocked from unreal amounts of people. 

Until our next adventure, 


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