Thursday, 27 April 2017


On Saturday I had a bit of mummy free time and headed to Manchester bright and early for a crafting event. I was invited to the #vikingartyparty a few months ago and I had saved the date in my diary ready for this day to come. After having a nosy on Instagram and the internet I found that it was a crafting party with three different workshops on offer so I was really excited because I have barely touched any craft stuff since I was pregnant! I couldn't wait to get dug in.

I arrived just in time after a rush that morning to get ready because I knew with bloggers there was going to be lots of pictures and I didn't want to look my normal, morning mummy attire/grinch in the background! I arrived at the King Street Townhouse hotel (which isn't actually on King Street which confused me!) and was given a coloured piece of paper before heading to the 6th floor were the event was being held.

Out of the lift we were faced with a balcony that had a view of the town around us. It was such a lovely sunny day that we could all sit out and enjoy the sun. To the right we were greeted at the door of the room with a little sweetie goodie bag and our name tags. The room was split into 3 craft sections, one for block print making, calligraphy and book decorating. I was super nervous because a lot of the bloggers there seemed to know each other and had similar themes and I was left thinking I was the only mummy blogger but I met a couple ladies who were also mum, and a couple of girls even recognised my blog! I was stunned. I thought I was talking to no body on here! (MOM I MADE IT!). I also found out that a couple was going to Blog On next month so I'm excited to see them again and now I know I will know someone there at least!

We were split into three groups for each session to make sure it wasn't overloaded all at once. I was in group orange so it meant we started with block printing first which was lead by Stacey who is one of the ladies from The Crafty Hen. We were taught how to use lino cutting tools to use on a normal eraser to create a block print to decorate plain file holders. I've done lino printing for years so it was easy for me to do it but I stuck to the basics and thought I could decorate my file more at home with some markers. 

After this we had a bit of a lunch break as it took so long for everyone to arrive in the morning. I had just finished my Vegan month challenge but I'm still dairy free, so the only option for me was vegan anyway! I had some crackers and hummous dip and surprisingly it was nice. They also was serving tea, coffee and juice all day so when I nipped in I saw they had soya to offer so that made me a little too happy and I became a coffee drunk chatterbox. We had our lunch out on the balcony where I got to talk to some more bloggers and it was nice because I could happily take 100 of pictures and no one would be judging me! 

So when lunch was finished we went to our next session which was hosted by Joyce from Artsynibs who taught us all about calligraphy and broke it down in a fashion that helped us newbies understand it. I was so nervous as I am not the best at writing, to the point where I was the last one in school to go on to pen! She was amazing and encouraged us all every bit of the way and helped us if we were stuck. Then after learning the basics in less than an hour we all wrote our names or blog names on a piece of paper. I was brave and just went for it without lines and I didn't do too bad until my ink leaked. Nice bodge job there. We even got to keep the kit that we used to practise more at home. I'm definitely inspired and I'm going to try and find time to do more! 

Last but not least, after another short break (aka toilet and a brew) I went on to notebook customising. This craft session was led again by Chloe, another lady from The Crafty Hen. We were all given a blank paper notebook to decorate with different papers and taught how to make an inside pocket to hold bits of paper too. I was trying to go for a geometric theme and was rushing against the time with all the cutting and gluing and was still doing it while everyone was having pictures taken outside! It was just such a lovely day and I really enjoyed it as well because of how everyone got really involved. I just want to say thanks to Alice and Jennie for the day, it was amazing. 

We got a little goodie bag at the end with some markers, washi tape and a blank mug to decorate ourselves and to get crafty at home! I did mine this morning while Imogen was napping and I think I'm going to add more to it later with the other pens! 

The day was amazing and it was lovely because of the craft sessions, everyone there and the sunshine made everyone's mood's radiate more! I would love to get more involved with things like this as it made me realise how much I missed arts and crafts. Now where are my embroidery hoops.. 

Until next time, 


  1. Sounds lovely! Learning calligraphy sounds amazing, it's so beautiful I would love to learn how to do it one day if I had the time! x