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In our first year we've gone through a long journey when it come's to my baby girl's skincare. Imogen as a newborn hated baths and screamed so loud that luckily my next door neighbour is slightly deaf.  Honestly, she refused baths and her skin got worse no matter what I tried. Her skin was drying out and I tried a million lotions and potions on her skin and stopped using bubble bath completely even when the infamous poonami's arrived. Doctors orders! We have just been trying Good Bubble as it has 98% naturally derived ingredients in order to get her a little bit more squeaky clean and here's how we got on. 

Just a note before we start: As Imogen has only just turned one, we don't use conditioner on her hair just yet so we just tried and tested the 'Clean As A Bean' shampoo, and the 'Super Bubbly Bubble Bath'. 

First we tried the Super Bubbly Bubble Bath with extract of cloudberry. It came in a duo set along with the Clara hand puppet turned wash mitt. First impressions was that the cute set was pretty and easy on the eye making it playful and entertaining for my daughter during bath times (even when she makes a huge fuss). The bubble bath itself smells sickly sweet and reminds me of my own childhood and I love it. It's also free from sulphates, parabens, PEG and artificial colours. It is suitable for newborns and also appeals to my other half as it is vegan and isn't tested on animals. I mean, what more could you want in a bubble bath? Oh yeah, bubbles! It's super bubbly and a little goes a long way, even if you're one of those that want to soak in a bath that looks somewhat like a cloud. 

It is heavily scented so if you want something that is fragrance free this isn't for you. The main thing we was looking for, was something that helps mend my daughters skin. Saying that though, it hasn't affected my daughters skin. It's kept a neutral balance. So if your son/daughter/kids/babes suffer from eczema like mine does then rest assured it's brilliant on the skin and doesn't irritate it in any way. 

The cute touch to the Bath Time With Clara gift set was the Clara wash mitt. Inside the wash mitt is little holes for you to be able to move it like a puppet. It makes for a great play time in the bath for those who don't like baths, or having their faces washed. I like to play a game of peek a boo with the mitt to be able to wash Imogen's face so it's become sort of a lifesaver in our bedtime routine! 

We have also been testing the Clean As A Bean Shampoo with extracts of Dragon fruit. It is also free from sulphates, parabens, PEG and artificial colours as well as being suitable for newborns and vegans. It differs to the bubble bath as I don't find the scent to be anywhere as near strong. It's also sweet but it's not overpowering. It's a great shampoo as it does do the job but for anything amazing? I couldn't tell you. It washes the toughest of foods that my toddler decides to put in her hair but as for volume boosting well they don't need it do they?! Her hair still shines after a good scrub and it really does do the job which is what we want isn't it?! 

Now for tears free. Well, there's always tears when I wash my daughters hair because we always somehow end up getting water into her eyes (I swear I'm not a bad mumma, she just wriggles a lot!). It doesn't irritate her eyes is what I'm trying to say so if you're thinking about changing shampoo's I'd recommend giving it a go because a little really does go a long way. And as the child in me wants to tell you, it makes really good hair mohawks in the bath!

Overall I recommend trying it out for a bit more fun and playtime in the bath especially if your little one is a little bit reluctant and kinda hates bath time. And for those with skin conditions, honestly give it a go, Imogen now smells amazing and it hasn't irritated her skin one bit and you can trust that the ingredients are safe for a babies skin. I think it's a lovely concept and is a great product. You can buy Good Bubble from their website here .

Have you or your child suffered from any skin problems? What products do you use? 

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*This post contains PR samples - all views are my own.


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