Monday, 29 May 2017


A couple of Saturdays ago myself and Claire from Dear Mummy Bear embarked on a road trip to York to attend the Bump and Beyond event. Even though both of our children are both around the age of 12 months and 14 months, we thought it would be a nice day out. The Bump and Beyond Event is hosted by Avocado Events who's aim is to bring local businesses together to show what is on offer in the local area. The event was for mums to be, new mums, and heck even us mums that are a year down the line!

We set off bright and early and decided previously that week that is it was bright and sunny, that we would venture into the town and have a little picnic with the babes. Well it was on and off spitting and we wern't sure if we were gonna make it! With one unwell baby, a toddler and two mama's fuelled by caffeine and chocolate we were good to go. Imogen wasn't at all well and I tried everything with her and as bad as it might sound I knew that not being home would soothe her. A distraction to whatever was bothering her and getting to see other people I think certainly helped the both of us.

On arrival in York we parked at the back of the venue and went off into town to have a little explore as well as hunting down Paperchase as I needed some last minute supplies for Imogen's birthday party. Whilst getting lost and messaging Charlotte from Cups Of Charlotte to try and figure out our way, it was soon time to head back towards the venue for us to have a little bit of lunch before heading inside. We found a little spot at the bottom of the car park and had a mini picnic and well, you can imagine how that went down! Squeeze yoghurts being snatched left, right and centre, ham butties chucked into the grass and a game of sharing snacks turning into battleship. After a clean up we headed into the venue. On arrival we were greeted by Kate who runs the events who recognised both myself and Claire straight away. We had all been chatting away on twitter as well with us travelling so far I guess we were gong to be known. I felt like a groupie almost!

We were handed some extremely delicious mocktails and took a seat as we met Charlotte there while we had a little chat and continued to try and pry my straw back off Imogen who I was carrying that day. After a natter we decided to go explore the stands. They had everything from massages, to clothing, teethers, toys, books, breastfeeding support, support groups, handmade cards and many many more.

There was such a lovely vibe to the place and everything was calm and not overcrowded which is rare for these type of baby events especially in a hotel that's already busy. It was separated from the guests and there was lots of friendly faces about.

My favourite stand was probably the Waterstones York stand as they had lots of books to tailor every specific need and who doesn't love books? I also loved the Belle & Bear stand who sell lots of clothing, teethers and accessories!

After a long day which included my eyelashes to fall off in the rain, lipstick smeared everywhere and having an amazing and relaxing time at the Bump and Beyond event it was time to say goodbye and head home. Before we left we were kindly given a little goody bag that was packed full of information and lots of samples to try out. Even though not being local to Yorkshire so we can't take part in most of the classes and such, it gave me such a great inspiration to start Imogen swimming again in our local area and nosey at the brands that were there too.

I would like to thank Claire and Charlotte and their babes for taking their time when me and Imogen had to spend half of our time outside as she had a high temperature and thanks to Kate for such a special day, I'm glad we found out about this event!

Have you ever been to a baby event? How did you find it?

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