Monday, 1 May 2017


So recently I've been diving back into my drawers recently and trying to use up the huge amount of hoarded skincare collection I own. I used to forever walk into Boots on pay day and come out with hauls that would make some of Youtube's finest look like amateurs. I got to try and test a lot of products and figured out what I really needed for my skin. Hydration, moisturising cleansers, and basically anything that wouldn't dry my skin out. So I wanted to dive back in and use some of the products that I used to love constantly, and fall back in love with skincare. 

I am certainly no stranger when it comes to Garnier's line of skincare, having being brought up on it through my own mum. Their Moisture Bomb tissue mask is one of the best tissue masks I have tried to this day. It really does work and isn't just, 'oh it feels nice' and you've no idea what it's done. It really hydrates your skin, and while is it quite slimy and messy to work with, it makes your skin feel nice for a few days and not just for an hour afterwards. I love to use these before a big day and they're always on offer in most places for £1!  

Next is this Garnier Softening Toner. I always find it hard to use toners, certainly more so because they tend to dry my skin out and make me feel worse off for having cleaning my face and even bothering to do so. I've not exactly figured out what the key product in my routine is just yet, but I know that this makes a difference. It helps keep my skin firm and feels soft after use. It's one of very few toners that I actually like. 

No7's Beautiful Skin and La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo are two handy little products that I normally like to have by my side while I'm putting makeup on or after the day is finished, use before bed. I like to use it under my eyes to my cheekbones as it helps take away puffy eyes and makes the skin look not so dull. It's just a subtle difference, but one that I notice when I don't use them. I like to use them every other day so I can get the effects of both. 

The only toner that I love more than the Garnier one, for a few more pounds is The Body Shops' Vitamin E hydrating toner. I'm a huge fan of their vitamin E range and I would happily use everything in that range every day. For something that seems like another plain product, I would recommend going for something a bit more expensive that you know that works. Not knocking on any brands here, I just know that The Body Shop use natural ingredients and they're the kinder ones to your skin, AKA hello great results. It doesn't dry as quick as the Softening Toner from Garnier, but it leaves your skin feeling fresh. 

An oldie but goodie. Remember when The Micellar water was the biggest thing since sliced bread? It was very difficult to get Bioderma here in the UK at the time and we we're gifted this revolutionary product that changed a lot of brands ways. It cleanses your skin without feeling greasy or dry. It honestly feels like you've used a wet wipe, and it's actually done it's job. For it only being around £3.50 on the market I find it hard to say no to. It's just so quick and easy to use and you get so much out of it. Plus it's hard to make mistakes if you're coming home from a night out and a bit worse for wear. 

If I'm not feeling the micellar water and I really want something hydrating I use these two lovely products. The Cream Clenser from The Body shop and the Deep Cleansing Milk from Soap and Glory. I love to use these and rub them into my skin then wipe off all the dirt and excess with a wet flannel. It makes my skin feel super squeaky clean without feeling stiff. Plus the Soap and Glory one smells like peaches, and it's divine! 

I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of oil products. They tend to leave me feeling greasier than a fast food fryer. Last year I had a bit of a splurdge and bought a load of products from The Body Shop and this one has sat in the drawer yet to be tested. The lady tried this on my face while I was in store and I loved it. It just took away all the makeup and dirt off my face and it left my skin feeling supple.  

I picked up this one a while back and I think since it has been discontinued now. I know that's not really helpful but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I love to use this when I'm having a bath as a slight face mask  on my face for a few minutes then proper massage it into my skin. I feel that having a bath and opening my pores and using this product helps get all the nitty gritty out and it really does brighten my skin. Now it doesn't leave my skin feeling the softest I'll admit or hydrated. It does look fresher and you can see a huge difference on my nose thanks to the little beads that are in the scrub.

Last but not least, we have hand cream. I always feel like hands get neglected in beauty and no one over thinks about nourishing them. However, they tend to be one of the first giveaway signs of age and I think in that sense it really does matter. Plus soft hands are always lovely. I normally use a Vaseline Intense Hands cream but I've started using this Hand Food by Soap and Glory and it smells amazing. I'm always a huge fan of the brand, and this doesn't disappoint. 

Can you spot any of your favourites? If not, what is your favourite skin care product to use, I'd love to know! 

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  1. Ive been holding out on getting the Garnier face mask (even though its only a pound! LOL!) but I shall be grabbing one the next time I pop into town now! Love all of The Body Shops vitamin E range, its something I always go back to.
    Ive just been trying Superdrugs Vitamin E range, which is just as nice and a tad bit cheaper!
    Kate x