Sunday, 14 May 2017


A week today I will be heading to my first bloggers conference in Manchester. I'm so excited and I've been looking forward to this for months now. I initially was supposed to attend Blog On last year, but I had my daughter a little earlier than expected so I had to cancel all my plans! Now I'm back I can't wait to get into the talks, connect with brands, eat cake, drink wine and get to see that famous Blog On goodies bag. I'm planning not only my daughters birthday party for the day before, but also my friends daughters for the week after so apologies if I've not woken up. I will be the girl sporting the extra large Starbucks. Or three. 
Share a recent photo of yourself. 

This is a realistic photo of me and not a 100th time posing one (I'm not going to try and catfish you all). My eyelashes had fallen off in the wind, my roots showing, and completely forgetting to reapply my lipstick. I attended an event yesterday and it was took there, so it's as recent as I could possibly get however I will probably have pink or blue hair at Blog On just to note. I'll probably have my makeup and hair done to perfection but still have snot all over my leggings from where my ever teething daughter clings to me.
Describe yourself in three words:
Kind-hearted, loyal and down to earth. (I asked a friend, this was the hardest question to answer!).
How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I started blogging I guess through Tumblr, Livejournal all those old things and then when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to try again and write for myself, and people like me that went ick at the site of little humans. 
What was the inspiration behind your blog name?
I went for my own name. Thinking back it wasn't the best idea when it comes to branding, but honestly if I picked a blog name I would hate it days later so it was my safe option. I can't change my name until I get married! 
What is the best thing to come from your blog so far?
The best thing to come from blogging is probably the close couple of friends I've made that understand when I have to stop and take pictures of things and the fact it's gave me a passion and helped me get out of a rut. 
Your most remembered thing from your childhood:
I remember trying to make my own sweet stand and it failing so hard that I bought penny sweets from the shop and I tried to get people to buy them at the bottom of my street. 
Something interesting you might not know about me is:
I'm not actually from Manchester. I have the accent and walk and talk, but really I'm Scottish. I was born in Shetland Isles and all my family are Scottish. I only actually keep in touch with my sister though! 
Which social media platform best describes your personality and why?
The one that really reflects me as a person is Instagram because it shows who I am as a person, and I've just started a theme and I'm trying to keep it like that. My personality is probably Twitter because I talk more about how I actually feel especially when I'm having a good or bad day. 
What is your happy song?
Probably anything from my 'emo days'. I mean, I was so obsessed with Finnish rock bands and cool emo boys in rock bands from America so generally any of those. I do love Eurovision though so you can tell it's all cheese. 
What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
I've gone so off alcohol since having Imogen. I used to love going on tour and drinking every day and drinking out and about with friends. Now I just settle for a rose wine or hendricks gin and lemonade. I can't red or white wine though!
What is your favourite cake?
If we're talking proper cake then I mean I love having huge toffee cheesecake (is that actually a cake or a desert?!) but when I'm being good and being dairy free, I tend to love anything I can get my hands on! #sweettooth
What is your favourite takeaway dish?
Salt and pepper chips, egg fried rice and curry. 
Where is your dream holiday destination and why?
I would love to go Finland in a little cabin somewhere and just relax. Or somewhere like Japan and explore. Ooh I don't know. I love everywhere. 
If you had a magic power, what would it be and why?
I would love to click my fingers and it would make my daughter go straight to sleep. Nap times in our house are especially difficult lately and it's draining me. Or maybe super quick speed to help clean this place up as quick as it gets trashed. 
What one weapon would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?
I would probably have a pool que. Something to whack around the head and something to jab zombies with. Complete with a dagger or something at the end. I swear I've not thought about this before. 
If you could send something into space, what would it be?
Myself. I would love to go to Space. Imagine?! 
What would you have on your gravestone?
'I lived longer than I thought, it was kinda awesome'. 
You make headlines, around the world in 2 years time. What would it be for?
Probably a world record for the amount of times someone trips over in a day. 
If an EMP wiped out all mechanical forms of transport, how would you get to BlogOn?
I'd probably try and get my bike out of the shed. Is that allowed? Or do I have to really trek Manchester? 

So there we have it! Some questions were harder than I thought! If you spot me at Blog On please come say hi, I don't really know many bloggers outside my little group and I would love to meet some others. I mean, if I haven't had my morning coffee I might look a bit like a deer in headlights but I'm quite nice really. 
Until next time, 


  1. What you need is a bayonet for those zombies. For sure. I love that your eyelashes fall off at the wrong time - mine do that too ;) Looking forward to meeting you!!

  2. Look forward to seeing you there. Love how both our magic powers involve getting sleep haha!

  3. You can totally come by bike - EMP won't stop them. You don't look old enough for Live Journal at all. It's usually us old folks who get excited at that - you're clearly a far more seasoned blogger than most. Sorry you didn't make it last year, but glad you are with us this time :) Jenny (thebrickcastle) - commenting on behalf of myself and Blog On UK :)