Thursday, 11 May 2017


In a week's time my daughter will have her first birthday. She's been on this planet for an entire year (nearly) and it's flown straight past us. One thing that we've tried to make sure of, apart from her health and lifestyle, is that we keep all those amazing memories together. We all have phones and camera's these days and we're quite snap happy but we tend to forget about how to really treasure them. Before Imogen was born, I said all along I wanted to try and print every single photo and make scrapbooks to rival those of Hugh Hefner's to document her life so far. Whilst browsing the internet I came across Cheerz, a photo printing company from your phone who create special Little Memory Box's for a baby's first year, and I knew I had to have one. 

Cheerz is a photo printing app as I said that you can print different types and sizes of photos, albums, posters, magnets, memory boxes and more. I was browsing for square print photo's as ideally I wanted to make a scrap book and write next to the picture about everything that picture is whether it's a first tooth, to the first time she crawled. 

I contacted Cheerz to see if they would allow me to review one of their Little Memory Box to see if it's just another gimic or to see if it's something I would consider using full stop and scraping, the scrap book idea. 

The concept is that you can purchase the box itself online or on the app for yourself or a friend with whichever number of prints you pick. So say if it was for a friend for a christening, they could order all the prints themselves to fill up the box. Or if it's for yourself, the exact same. What I really loved about it was the fact once you've bought your box and prints, you can order the prints whenever you want at no extra charge for up to 1 whole year. You do have to order your prints in batches though but it's so easy to select your photo's and adjust them to fit the design/size you want. As I said, I picked the small squares because I think that if the box gets damaged in the future (hey, I have a nearly toddler on my hands and we're due to move house) then I still have all these amazing prints safe and I can rehouse them. 

The box upon arrival is lovely, it's a light blue/greeny shade with the detailing on the side. The top of the box has a double flap thats magnetised for you to open up to access all your photo's and to keep them safe. Inside there are different sections for each month for child's entire first year. In each section you have little notecards to indicate each month so you don't get confused on which section each is but it also add's a lovely touch. 

I decided to get prints in 10cm x 10cm and although they are lovely, I would've gone for the classic sizes to fill the box up more. I still might do that in the future so it's a box full of photo's! As Cheerz is an app, you have to take into consideration the quality of the photo's on your phone are what you're going to recieve on the other end. I have an Iphone 5S (which I refuse to upgrade until Imogen stops snatching it!) so the quality on my phone won't be as good as the newers ones, but the photo's still came out great. As long as its a high quality image you shouldn't have any problems. 

A tip of mine is if you have any pics you've took with a camera, transfer them onto your phone and upload them that way. Then you know for sure that you're getting an amazing quality print. Also, another way to reuse them for birthday partys as a little decorations is hang a picture of each month of your little one to show them growing up through their first year!

I really do love it. I mean I don't want to scrap the scrapbook idea but I want this as well, I think it's just such a cool way to store all your photo's in one place, and you can really see how your babe has grown from being days old, until that 1st birthday. If you're looking at photo albums or something similar I would recommend checking this out first, because we all love to play with photo's and you could always frame some too! 

You can purchase the box from Cheerz here with prices starting from £42

How do you treasure your little one's special memories? Do you have a little memory box or photo album you're waiting to show them when they're older? 

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*This post contains PR samples, all views are those of my own. 


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