Tuesday, 9 May 2017


As a mum I'm always trying to find ways to shortcut my beauty routine. Not every day I have the energy to put on a full face of make up and head out the door. I've always thought about tinting my eyebrows because some of my hairs are dark, and some are super light. I've never had full thick brows and with it being the biggest trend over the past 5 years, I feel a little left behind. So I thought I would try this Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint and see how if it worked. 

In the pack there is the dye cream, a spooley and some developer lotion. The plastic packaging also doubles up as a little mixing palette for your dye. I got the colour dark brown as even though I have light hair, it goes well for me having dark brows, especially when I'm forever mixing up my hair colour and tan. You also need some petroleum jelly and a couple of cotton wool balls to help protect your eye area, and to wash the dye off. 

I mixed the dye according to the instructions and made sure the area was free of makeup, so please excuse the fact I have patchy foundation on my forehead. It was after all near the end of the day when I did this! 

So I used the spooly to apply carefully the dye to my eyebrows and I covered the area I normally draw on to try and get the tiny hairs to darken too. 

After the first initial 2 minutes it tells you to use the dye mix for, I wiped it off. Only to find barely any difference. So I tried it again, applying the dye to my eyebrows for another 3 minutes. I waited and hummed and watched a couple of videos in the mean time. 

And this was my end result. My eyebrows were slightly darker but it wasn't quite the result I thought I was going to get. They did tint my brows but they didn't dye quite to the extent that I hoped for. After trying twice they did darken them slightly and later that evening I saw that they were again slightly darker but nothing extreme. I would say that if you're looking for a realistic tint, and just a tint and not to change your colour drastic that this would work fantastic but if you're after more dramatic results I would probably try something else. As for the lasting 30 days, I'm not entirely sure. There's such little difference to my brows as they are quite a similar colour to the product as it is that I wouldn't notice personally, but I would like to add if you have light blonde eyebrows then I would try this to tint them. The kit is only £8.25 and you can get multiple uses out of it, so even if it only lasts a week on your eyebrow hairs, there's loads of product to do multiple uses. The kit was so easy to use and apply and once you got the first try down, it's so easy that you could do it while making a brew. 

Have you tried tinting your brows? What did you think?

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*This post contains PR Samples, all views are those of my own. 


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