Thursday, 1 June 2017


What a crazy week it's been! Last sunday I headed to my first bloggers convention in Manchester for Blog On Mosi. It's a bloggers convention for all types of bloggers. Throughout the day you get to attend different sessions all about blogging from bloggers and people in the industry, along with being able to meet and talk to brands in person that want to work with you. And let's not forget, lunch, cake and wine, and the infamous goodie bags everyone ends up with at the end of the day. So would I go again? 
I heard about BlogOn a couple of years ago just due to social media and I was supposed to head to it last year but my daughter arrived a little earlier than planned and had to cancel last minute. So this year, I went in all guns a blazing and I was excited and nervous as heck. 

I only knew one other blogger that was going and I knew we were going to be going to different sessions so I just hoped to find her so I wouldn't be sat eating my lunch on my own! 

I arrived with a notebook, a pen, an empty suitcase and my business cards to hand and then I got super nervous about what it was going to be like, if anyone would actually talk to me, what if brands thought I was a weirdo, you know the usual. On arrival I put my suitcase to the left where there was a huge pile up and as I was running late, ran straight into the welcoming keynote. I sat on a table with a bunch of ladies trying to drink my scorching coffee as quickly as possible. 

After the keynote I scrambled into my first session which was all about working with brands. With a wine induced hangover and a friendly fellow blogger donating some much needed pain killers I was ready. It opened my eyes a lot for what brands actually look for when they work with bloggers big or small and what I could do to improve my blog, and make things easier on their end. It's all a bit of common sense but it just clicked more. 

I then met my friend Raimy from Readaraptor and we went talking to a few of the brands. It was amazing being able to speak to brands in person, especially those who I had been talking to over the past few months. I just lost with my words in person, they just seem to stumble over each other for some reason and I was just praying that no one noticed that they didn't make sense! 

I got to talk to some amazing brands that ranged from food, to toys, to mobiles, cars, beauty and so so much more. The convention wasn't huge, but there was no place for anything else to squeeze in. Laura and her team really outdid themselves and I'm not sure that another convention could quite live up to it. 

The only downsides to the convention as a whole was probably the air conditioning not working (not a huge deal), the food wasn't the best for us with dietary needs (again down to the venue but didn't bother me, I had endless coffee!), and the fact I didn't win on the raffle (boo hiss)! But all in all, it was a great day and my nervousness subsided pretty quickly as I started to recognise bloggers and got a little starstruck. Especially when I saw Harriett from Toby And Roo.  I'll be posting about some tips I learnt from the convention soon so keep a look out for them. 

After a few more sessions and cramming in as much information as possible, with me soaking everything up like a sponge it was time to go home. I had a bag full of free goodies from the brands at the stalls, brand contacts and my new acad-dodo planners. Then it was time to get the suitcase in the rush and crush that happened this year and fill it with our three big goodie bags. Wasnt we spoilt?! 

I would love to sit and talk through every single thing but as you can see we were all truly spoilt to try so many goodies but I have been going through them and trying them all out, so look out for a couple of reviews. I would just like to say that the Dodo Acad-pad has become my new lifesaver the past couple of weeks and has helped me get things on track each week! 

Overall, I loved Blog On. It was a little overwhelming if I'm honest when I came home with such an overload of information (good job I took notes) to sift through. There was just so much to learn. The ladies talks I attended were amazing and so were they. It is a long day that flies by and it is truly amazing to see so many bloggers come together and enjoy the day and even though I've been blogging on and off for years, I learnt so so much. I just got a big kick in the butt on how to better myself rather than just float along in the blogosphere. I will be posting about my favourite tips and tricks I learnt at the convention in the next couple of weeks! I don't know about how other conventions go but I've found the one and I'm going on the waiting list for the Christmas special in September, so I hope to see you there! 

Have you ever been to a blogging convention? What did you think?

Until next time, 


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