Monday, 5 June 2017


With Father's Day coming up this month I normally find myself with only days to spare when it comes to buying gifts. Over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you some unique, nifty and cool things you could get for your old man, partner or that special male in your life. I mean socks and boxers are great but it would be nice for a change wouldn't it?! 
Recently I got into. Contact with a brand called bakerdays. I was looking for a special cake for my daughters birthday but while I didn't spot anything in particular for my daughters big day, I spotted a cake I wanted to alter for my partner. Last year was a huge rush when it came to Father's Day as Imogen was only weeks old and he had to spend it on a long shift at work which meant he'd miss the entire day. I went and met him in the rain with Imogen in my arms to give him his first gifts and cards. I know it meant a lot to him for him to be able to see her for a couple of minutes but this year I wanted to go above and beyond. 

Now, what's a celebration of a special day without cake? Exactly you tell me! I feel like if it was accepted that I would probably eat cake for breakfast just for getting out of bed each morning! We live for cake in our house so while I was noseying I spotted a dairy free sponge on the bakerdays website. I don't eat dairy and neither does my parter so this was a perfect match. I picked the Halloween sugar skull design and asked for an alteration to what was written on the cake. The problem I have with Father's Day gifts is that I hate anything that looks tacky. I'm talking about the. Obvious ‘beer, golf, crude joke and old fart’ sort of things. Now I know that's my particular hate but I know that lots of people actually love it. The great thing about the website is that they have lots of premade designs that you can customise to your own taste, or you can upload your own design too. 

As I said earlier I picked the sugar skull Halloween letterbox cake as it's more to our personal style and I know he would love it! As it was a letterbox cake it should've fitted through the letterbox. I don't know if my postman tried or if he just went to knock on the door but I still had to go pick mine up from the post office which I guess could be annoying to some so I'd just try and make sure you're in when it's due to arrive.
The cake on arrival was super cute. It was wonderfully packaged inside a box full of leaflets, a couple of balloons, one of those toot things and candles and of course the cake itself was in a tin! Inside the tin the cake was in a sealed bag and had a little paper lever for you to be able to lift it out carefully. Unfortunately mine snapped while trying to get the cake out of the tin so I had to tip it on itself to get it out. Luckily there was no damage, no cake hitting the floor, or obvious signs of wear. 

The cake was a plain sponge with a thin jam layer which was then covered with the icing top. For a dairy free cake it wasn't bad. The sponge was a bit dry and I would've liked a bit more jam but the icing was amazing and it overall tasted good. I wouldn't say it was the most amazing tasting cake in my life but it was pretty good. I would love to try a normal sponge if I was buying it as a gift for someone else or using it for a special occasion as  I bet the other sponges taste better. 

Reece being vegan couldn't enjoy the cake as it was made with eggs (most cakes are, we thought we'd take the risk and see for ourselves) but he really did appreciate the sentiment and he loved it. I think it would be a lovely gift for Father's Day maybe after a big fat Sunday roast and a little cake surprise at the end. You can purchase a bakerdays cake from here!

Have you every tried a bakerdays cake before? What did you think of it? 

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*This post contains PR samples, all views are my own. 


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