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Scott Cornwall review lilac grey hair dye toner

So over the years I've experimented with nearly hundreds of colours. I've had black hair, blonde hair, pink, green, blue, silver, yellow, orange and red hair and many of colours in between. I always found it hard to find that perfect grey toned lilac hair dye colour and wished that someone would just create it already instead of me having to mix several colours myself. Being a DIY hairdresser I prefer to trust my own hands and colour my hair myself and in my own time so having a kit at home would be my perfect answer. Luckily, I know of such a product that does all this in one. 

I recently heard about Colour Restore by Scott Cornwall through having a nosey in my local Boots. I'm a sucker for new hair colours so I always like to check what's new on the shelves. I was lucky to be asked to do a little review on them that week so I thought I would share it with you all if I loved it and how it really works. Spoiler: It's perfect! 

First I washed my hair with the Precolour shampoo which is to even out the balance in your hair for more even colour which I left to dry. Then I used the Protein spray which protects hair prior to chemical treatment, helps strengthen hair and prevents breakage. I sprayed it all over my hair so it was a little bit damp rather than on towel dried hair, just because my hair matts so badly at times. 

So this is a picture of my hair before I started doing anything to it. I have white blonde hair already, so if you're wanting to achieve the best possible colour and your hair isn't naturally so light, then I would recommend bleaching it. I use the Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener in 00A and normally tone it using whatever colour I'm using at that moment in time. IT will make your hair a blondey-yellow but it does fade out especially when you're using toners and it makes it the perfect base when applying new colours. 

To start I put my hair into sections to prepare to spray the whole head with the Protein Spray making sure it's as even as possible. Please ignore my regrowth, I'm a mum not a superwoman. Well, not that particular day!

Next I applied the colour to my whole head. Again I took it step by step separating my hair into parts. I always use two mirrors so I can fully watch what I am doing when it comes to applying the colour. I used the bowl and the brush to apply the colour to my hair. My tip is to separate your hair into sections using bobbles or clips before you go near the hair colour. I always end up with a bobble style mohawk but it just makes things easier when it comes to trying to colour each part at a time without accidentally blobbing it into a section thus making the hair dye develop before the rest of that section! 

I then let the hair dye sit for half an hour which is a little bit over the waiting time but I wanted to make sure the colour fully sunk into my hair. Just a note, my hair is quite thin, and for the length it is, I just about was able to cover it all with the hair dye. IF you do have thick hair/longer hair I would recommend buying two just because you don't want to apply it so sparsely that it doesn't cover all of your hair. 

And there we have the final results! The first picture is my hair still a bit damp, and the second one is a day later where I've worn my hair and straightened it, hense the no blow dry of the god's at the back there. As you can see, there are some patches within the colour where the dye didn't adapt to it as much and there are parts that are lighter as I started to run out of product. The great thing about it is that it comes in a easy to use squeezy tube and if you want to top up your hair colour, then you can mix a little bit of it with your conditioner while you have a shower! 

So overall I loved the hair colour. I do wish it spread a bit more evenly to my ends but I think that could but due to not enough product rather than anything else. I think it is that perfect lilac grey hair colour that's hot on trend however if you do have thick hair or longer hair than mine, I would recommend picking up a second bottle for all over colour. You can always use it for top ups! 

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*This post contains PR samples, all views are my own.


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