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miffy sensory toy review

As a child I was always a fan of the cute minimalist bunny that is Miffy. I try to share a bit of influence on to my daughter. What I mean by this is that I encourage her to play with some of my childhood favourites such as The Moomins, Teletubbies, Miffy and Peter Rabbit. Recently I found out that Miffy does a range of toys for babies that helps encourage sensory play and their learning abilities. We've tried many toys and games and sensory things for babies with Imogen. That's when I got the chance to review the Miffy Sensory Toy.  Well.. Is it worth shelling out for? 

miffy sensory toy review

The bright blue dressed soft toy arrived just after Imogen's birthday and we've been testing (playing) and reviewing (thinking about what we would personally improve) it since. It's a super cuddly teddy in a lovely royal blue shade. Miffy encourages sensory play with it's 14 different sensors when they're pressed they make different sounds. For instance, when you squeeze the ear, it says 'ear' which helps encourage learning about body parts. When the X on Miffy's collar is pressed, it plays the theme tune from the TV series on Tiny Pop and believe me babies love catchy tunes! 

I've found Imogen doesn't know where the sensors are but I think that's great for learning. As she's not necessarily looking for something to press, she's trying to remember where to press out of memory. A couple of the buttons she wouldn't be able to press properly such as the stomach as they're not so close to the surface however when she cuddles the teddy she tends to roll over and squish it and funnily enough that emits the sounds. As the Miffy teddy is made from great quality fabric and really does make a stunning addition to any nursery. 

The only snag that we really have with the toy is that when it sings the tune it's quite quiet except for when it sings 'Miffy'. When compared to a lot of Imogen's other toys and trying to cancel out background noise when playing with it, it can make it a little hard to hear. I have passed the comments on to the team because it seems like only a slight adjustment needs to be made, if it's not just ours. However, apart from that, I really can't fault it!

miffy sensory toy review

This is the kind of toy we would love as a gift or to give as a gift. I think it represents such a classic character especially to someone of my age (90's kid forever) and they would love to share that nostalgia with their child. For Imogen, she's at a stage where she chucks everything and thinks it's funnier when the noises go off but I think it'll be great for her even when she's older to understand parts of the body. 

So is it worth it? For nostalgic purposes and having that one special toy it is yes.  It's educational, cutesy and cuddly and that makes a great toy. For my now 12 month old she will play with it and put it down and go on to something else unless we're playing with it together. We're going to treasure ours and keep it in her bedroom when she no longer wants to play with it. I think it'll be a great toy for newborns to play with the features but also for pre-schoolers when they're learning more about ABC, 123, Eyes, nose and mouth. 

You can purchase the Sensory Miffy here for £24.99.

What was your favourite childhood character?

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