Monday, 31 July 2017


Over the past couple of weeks I've stopped blogging. I mean completely stopped. I've had the biggest bloggers block because I was just so overwhelmed and making things too complicated for myself. I needed a break more than I thought I did. I've sat back and let everything simmer in my life rather than trying to keep my head above water. I've now come to realise that I was making things seem bigger than what they should be and it didn't help me at all. I was worn out with normal stress on top of that too.  Am I ready to get back into blogging?

I think trying to keep up with blogging as if I'm in some sort of game is what killed the spark I had. I was forever trying to keep up with other bloggers that I lost sight of what I really wanted to actually talk and blog about and it became a bit of a chore.

Yes, my blog is a working blog but it's also a passion, and that passion is about to come back. Over the course of the year I'm going to make some changes not only to the blog itself, but to my work ethic. So instead of getting frustrated and comparing myself to other bloggers who are doing better than me, I'm going to surround myself with bloggers, people and artists who push me to better myself.

I've attended a couple of events over the past week that made me realise, that even though what I do is sat behind a screen and very lonely, that I'm not completely alone. I got to meet some lovely people at a dinner and then some hilarious people at a quiz night. I mean it's not often I go out so any bit of socialism will either drive me to pull the duvet on my head or make me want to talk so fast that I can't get my words out in the right order. 

I now feel like I'm actually a part of something bigger than me just sat at home trying to cram in everything I want to say while my daughter naps. I've had that epiphany that has actually made me realise that only me, myself and I can push myself. I want to get artistic and start designing and painting again. I've started enjoying music again and listening to them Finnish and German bands I was obsessed with in my teens. 

By no means is this a post about "NEW YEAR NEW ME AHUH HUH". I've just come to terms with what I have, and now I'm going to use it to my advantage. 

THIS, is MY year. 


  1. Oh honey I'm so proud of you & everything you achieve. You don't need to compare yourself to other people, you're amazing. I know that's easier to say as I think we forever get caught up in the numbers & what everyone else is doing.

    It's good to take a step back and realise what you actually want to achieve and how to go about it. And I'm here for you every step of the way lovely. Hope you're okay 😘 xx