Monday, 10 July 2017


Over the past few weeks I've not really been feeling motivated or completely inspired to blog. I feel like if I have a break, I'll just get swept under the rug and won't be able to catch up in the 'game'. Lately, with life stresses and everything else I've just put my blog on hold. I've not found the time to be able to do what I actually want and everytime I go to do something, life get's in the way or the list is as long as my arm and I've just got no motivation to start anywhere. And well, I'm on the verge of quitting.

See, I love blogging. I love photo taking, editing, designing, writing and eeeeverything else that comes with it but I just don't have the time. I know everyone leads busy schedules and we 'need to fit time in', but there isn't any. Most people may view me as someone who sits at home all day and does fuck all. Well, yeah. I don't have a 9-5 job. I'm not necessarily the most active person but I run around a little toddler all day who get's angry if I cast as so much as a minute of my attention away from her. I blog mainly at night and take photographs when (and if) she naps during the day. It's how I manage to just about get by.

Lately she's not been napping. She's stopped and she's started to get up in the night again. Which means I'm up half the night consoling her, and during the day fighting to keep awake. My partner not long ago started a new job so what little time we have together we try to spend together as a family more than anything else. So while trying to somewhat tidy and clean the house and get on with life, I've also got to fit in cooking and living while on minimum sleep because my daughter thinks that midnight is the ideal time to go to bed, alongside waking up every hour screaming out for me to hold her. 

And well, because of this. I feel honestly a bit like shit. Blogging is my passion, what keeps me going and I love putting my heart and passion into it. I just feel a bit lack lustre and I'm struggling to get out of a rut. It's nice to say that 'you need a break' or 'well spend some time away from her then'. I would if I could. Seriously, anyone volunteer as tribute? 

So now in the mean time, I'm going to try and find myself again. Go back and do some embroidery, read a book, paint a little even just for fun. 


  1. I feel exactly the same, I would want to sleep but get up out of bed to blog and meet a deadline. I suddenly wasn't enjoying it anymore and that combined with feeling low due to comparing myself to others I have been taking a little break. You have to enjoy it and it not feel forced.
    The main reason was my daughter not napping either as she doesn't go to sleep to late as night most of the time so then it's too late.

    I hope that you feel happy with whatever you decide. I aim to blog once per week but don't beat myself up if i don't.

    Jodie x