Thursday, 17 August 2017


Subscription boxes have become such a huge success over the past couple of years and it's becoming an even bigger industry with so many different things on offer. I've had beauty subscription boxes, stationary, and now I've tried a Crafty Creatives Subscription Box. I was so intrigued that I had to get involved to try it out. I'm not sure what exactly I expected, but this box exceeded my expectations beyond all means. I mean how often do you get a kit to make your own concrete planter in the post! So read on to see how I got on.
So when the box arrived in the post I was super excited to see what I had received. All I knew is that it was something arty, crafty and something that would be completely different to anything before. I opened it to see that it was a Concrete Planter Kit from Sandy Leaf Farm. It looks like such an amazing product and something you'd easily see on the shelves of Urban Outfitters or Oliver Bonas. I was beyond impressed because it's such a cool subscription box and someone who is a huge fan of plants, would've never thought I could make a plant pot at home! 

In the box itself you receive a concrete mix, a paintbrush, copper paint, sandpaper, tape, two paper cups, a stirrer and some gloves. Just to state, the paintbrush in the photograph is my own, my daughter took the paintbrush and we haven't been able to find it since! Kids ey? Anyway, the only things you need to help assemble and create the plantpot is some water to mix, a pair of scissors to trim the cups, a pen to mark inside the cup and some small stones or little weights. So here is how I created my little beauty! 

First I laid some paper down as it can get really messy on your surface so it's best to cover it. Newspaper will work the best! I first measured about a cm down into the big cup with a pen. This is so you can see where to level the second cup. I put in 80ml into the cup and slowly bit by bit put in the concrete mixture and stirred it continuously to get rid of bubbles and to make sure it was thoroughly mixed. 

After you have mixed it you need to place the second cup inside down the marked area and pop in your weights to keep it from floating back up. After this you need to bang the cup against a hard surface for at least a minute to get rid of any trapped air bubbles. Honestly you'd be surprised at the amount of bubbles that rise up! 

After this you need to leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. When you first open and tear off the cup sides (this is why it's easier with paper cups) you will notice that it still looks a little wet. This is just because it's not been exposed to the air and it will dry out over a few hours. I left mine a little bit longer then sanded down the top to make it a bit more even and the edges to make it a little bit more rounded. After this I put some tape on the bottom to mark where I was going to paint. The trick with the paint is to use a bit at a time and then go back over it with the brush when there is little product on it, to give it a smooth finish. 

I also painted down the seam thinking that it would look super cute but it looks like I've done something wrong in all honesty so I wouldn't recommend doing that bit hah! After leaving the paint to try I gave it another coat of paint as I wasn't happy with it. I wanted to make the copper bottom a bit bigger so I added more tape and made another band of copper all the way around. It just makes it stand out more and looks more aesthetically pleasing. 

And here is the finished product! I think it looks great, don't you? I was so impressed with the kit and how it made everything super easy to use and the instructions were also very easy to read. For a subscription box that is £15 I think it would be a great gift to anyone, including yourself. If you are really clever you could make a funky design out of the tape and paint it such as chevron stripes! 

What do you think? Let me know! 

You can purchase a Crafty Creatives Subscription box from here

Until next time, 

*I was sent this in exchange of a review, all opinions are my own and I think it's amazing. You'll see planters all over my house soon.


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