Saturday, 12 August 2017


I'm sick of the word teething. I'm sick of teething completely. It's gotten to a point where I can't really remember a life where my daughter wasn't teething. We've tried everything. Gels, powders, liquids, teething toys, necklaces, bibs, blankets and Calpol. You name it, we've tried it. It's gotten to a point where obviously teething is inevitable but I have started to give up on trying her with new things. Imogen would rather chew anything that she isn't supposed to to help give her comfort. IS there actually anything out there that will work? Well. We've been trying the Matchstick Monkey to see if there really is something to stop her trying to chew and bite my knees. I bet you're thinking, why is she trying another teething toy if she claims that they don't really work for her daughter? Well, there is method in the madness and let me tell you all about it. 
My daughter Imogen is now officially a toddler, she's just stepped the mark and is 13 months old. She's walking, sort of talking and wants everything that she's not supposed to have. Mummy's pen! I'll have that. A packet of wipes! I'll have that. Mummy and daddy's keys! I'll have that. The pram bar! I'll have that. A wooden jigsaw puzzle mummy bought me, I'll chew on that too!She's just trying to chew on everything and anything. Especially if it's not supposed to be chewed on, or if it's a toy. 

Normally when I try to offer her teething toys, she'll look at it and put it down and go find something better. Or it ends up in her toy box never to be seen again. So my method in the madness is, to pretend that it's something she can't have and this is where Matchstick Monkey comes in. 

The matchstick monkey teether is a flexible silicone based toy that is used for not just teething, but for being to apply teething products to it. It's super long arms are great handles for babies and children to hold on to and to chew on. The head of the monkey is bumpy with different textures to help relieve a painful area and is great to apply gel to. The monkeys come in a huge range of colours and are available for just £10. However, is it worth it? Well. 

In my efforts, if I was to offer her the toy she wouldn't want to use it. So I've left it on a table where she can easily grab it and chew on it to her hearts content. Surprisingly my plan worked. She chewed and chewed on the head on the front of her mouth where her front teeth are popping through, and drooled everywhere. So a warning to parents, if you have a teething babe, remember to pop on a bib! 

I think what appeals to my daughter is the fact it's a bright coloured teething toy, that looks like an actual toy and not some weird device for her to chew on. It's light so it's easy to hold and isn't slippy even when she's dribbled all over it. It's dishwasher safe but I always clean her teething toys and soothers in a bowl and then I can sterilise them at the same time. She's took to it a lot better than her Sophie toys and a million other teether's that we have for her so it's a huge winner considering she has 4 teeth coming through at once. 

So is it worth it?! A hundred times yes. We're going to get rid of all her old teething toys and just keep this one because there really isn't a reason to keep them all. This one toy has done what we have been looking for in the entire past 9 months of teething hell we've been through. We really loved the necklace idea of a teether and she will take to one of those sometimes but the Matchstick Monkey she likes to carry around with her all day especially now she's walking.

You can purchase the Matchstick Monkey from here

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