Thursday, 3 August 2017


Not so long ago was the next sale and I wanted to share with everyone what we managed to get from the sale! Due to being on a blog break this is long over due and get this.. I didn't buy any of it! I planned to get up at 4 in the morning and make my way to Trafford Centre to queue alongside a lot of other mamas and fight for the best deals. It's no secret that Next have some of the best quality clothes out there on the market and although a lot of it is resonably priced with some higher priced items it still racks up a good bill. Now. My partner works in the Trafford Centre and was on an opening at work which gave him time to pop in and grabbed the best deals without a toddler by his side. So this is technically his haul. Read on to find out what R bought from Next. 
So as I stated yep indeed my partner picked up all of this lot and I was bloody proud of him! I mean he risked everything to go into the chaos that is a Next sale first thing in the morning. He rang me at 8 in the morning (we had been up all night with Imogen) and asked exactly what we needed. Sleepsuits. Imogen's so spoilt with clothes it's ridiculous but sleepsuits and pj's are what she always lacks! He picked up this 3 pack for £9! Bargain. The first sleepsuit is a marl grey knit colour with a embroidered butterfly detail. It's subtle and the neckline is something I love it's not over the top but it stands out!

Next in the 3 pack is this dream big slogan sleepsuit in pink. I'm not big on quotes as they make me cringe but I think the colour is wonderful and will suit her so much. 

The last in the 3 pack is the butterfly/dragonfly printed on top of a white geometric sleepsuit. It looks so delicate and I love white on Imogen I just think it looks so clean. This is my favourite out of the three and I was so glad when he picked it up because I was eyeing it up for ages!

The next thing he picked up were these blue denim style leggings with patches on the knee's. He loved them and although Imogen being so tiny as she is probably wont see these for at least a year, she'll look adorable in them. They cost just a small £3. My coffee normally costs more than that! 

Another thing he liked the look of was these little joggers. I tend not to put Imogen in joggers because of her small frame that any type of trouser doesn't fit and I have to roll them up! The glorious thing with these is that they're styled to be baggy on the bum and front. They remind me of the saggy pants that you see male popstars wearing. I'm not the kind of mum that makes Imogen only wear girls clothes! However when he got home he didn't realise that the back of the grey pants had this cute bunny embroidery on the back! They're even more adorable in my eyes and I can't wait for her to wear them with a printed tshirt! These were £5 in the sale. 

Next up is this embroidered blouse. Now this entire collection had me going heart eyes emoji and I wanted to buy everything. We already owned quite a bit and he picked up another two things including this blouse. It's got slightly frilly sleeves that look adorable on babies and toddlers and is so simple that it goes with anything. I've had a few similar blouses for Immy in the past and I think it just enhances her features because it's so simple. 

From the same collection was this little playsuit that I absolutley love! My friend Charl had her daughter wearing it at Imogen's birthday party and I LOVED it. So when R came home with this beauty I was impressed and so excited. I've had Imogen wearing it even though it's still huge on her! 

The next thing is something I don't actually think was in the sale. These little pair of jeans with little tear wholes and heart embellishments. I'm not a fan of jeans on little girls and I'm not entirely sure why! I think it just makes them look so grown up! These were £9 although I'm not sure if that's the normal price or the sale price! 

One of the brighter things that R picked out was this little jumpsuit with an animal print pattern all over it! I really love the toucan and the peacocks on it I think they're just adorable. It'll probably fit Imogen next year as she's still in 6-9 months at 14 months old!

And then last but not least was this triple pack of sleepsuits in 3 different prints. The first print is a purple unicorn, the next is orange cats and finally is dalmatian dogs on a green background. I love just how contemporary these are and quirky and it reminds me of those you'd see from independent businesses. What's also great is at the bottom of the sleepsuits they have little grips to help steady your babe when they're walking! 

Overall R did an amazing job and picked out some amazing things considering he tends to go for ugly wolly jumpers! I was really impressed and all of it I would've picked out myself! There are a bunch of socks missing (yep already) from the pics. 

Did you pick up anything great from the sales? 

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