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Last Thursday I was invited along to something that is very special and dear to my heart. I mean, who doesn't love Disney. Yep you heard, I was invited to a Disney Quiz Night with the guys and gals over from Paladone. As soon as I saw the invite I was shouting YES YES YES and begged my partner to book the night off work especially to make sure I could go. And well, yep. I took my partner in crime who knows a little bit more about Disney than me and well... we didn't come last. Or second to last.
Upon our late arrival (thanks Manchester and you're ever lasting roadworks) we were welcomed with an almost worryingly blue cocktail (Ding Dong Dory is Dead) and told to find a table and think of a team name. I being the idiot I am went for Disney Datknee after the meme. Yep it wasn't well received but it made me chuckle everytime I saw it. Should've stuck to Thor's Big Hammer. There was plenty of food on offer including a lovely Chickpea curry to start and then loads of nibbles at half time! It was lovely to see such a spread and I just knicked all of the grapes.

As we sat down we got our thinking Minnie Mouse ears on, and was joined by Mark from Paladone  who didn't really help us to win, but more distracted us and helped us get told off by the quizmaster for being too loud! There was always going to be a naughty table and it was us. Oops!

The game was made up of different quizzes to get us all to work together as teams and to get us also involved with other tables and teams. One of the games was to watch a short clip and to try and remember the colours and words in it. I failed so hard at this and only remembered one of them! Small attention span for you. My favourite was were we had to listen or watch clips and write down the songs and films they were from. I got so excited I wrote one of the songs down wrong and lost us the points! Luckily my team forgave me in the end. We were off to a losing start and was hoping to win the very special second from last prize. In the end after a few flaming cocktails, beers and fish and chip snacks we made a huge turn around on the last couple of rounds and ended up coming second!

As we were so fortunate to come second we received a heck of a lot of prizes. Mark just took the Iron Man light as he had pretty much everything that was on offer anyway and then watched as myself and Cayla struggled to get everything home in a giant box. Thankyou to the staff at Zombie Shack for helping me out of the spiral staircase with a box bigger than my body. I'm going to share with you what I received and the little goody bag that everyone who attended also got! I've already gave some away as gifts to friends and family and stored the rest of it now until the big move!

In the goody bag it was all Disney Princess's themed gifts. I was super excited and actually waited until I got home to properly look at it all. We received a Beauty And The Beast notebook with a pencil, a thermal little mermaid travel mug, some sticker decals for your phone and laptop and a princess's themed keyring. It's such a lush pastel and gold themed range that any age would appreciate it. 

The mug is probably my favourite out of all of them because it's something I'm always in dire need of! Especially with England and the colder months never leaving us. I think it's such an adorable collection and will be lovely for any young or old Disney fan to be enjoyed. I particularly love the detail on the keychain as it represents a few of the classic princess's. 

Lastly the keyring is adorable as it has elements from a few of the Disney Princess's such as a rose to represent Beauty And The Beast. A shoe to represent Cinderella, an apple for Snow White and a shell for The Little Mermaid. 

Next is what I won from coming second place in the quiz night! This is just HALF of the grand prize, as I said earlier we split it between myself and Cayla, and Mark took just an Iron Man light as he had everything already. So yep, it's a lot, and it's all great and it's going to nerd out the house! 

First off are there Mickey Mouse Luminart 3D pictures that light up! These are going to be great in Imogen's bedroom when she's a little bit older (and doesn't pull everything off the wall). 

Next I received this Spider-man glass and egg and toast cutter set. My brother is a huge fan so he's happily 'took them off my hands'. Really, my brother is Spidey-Ste, my other brother is Batman, his best friend is Superman. So yes, the big kids loved this lot too! 

Then we have a BB8 light and a Storm Trooper light. This will go so well with my other Storm Trooper lights that we have (yep we're that couple) and I cant wait to see them all together! I also received this Hulk mug which is gigantic which is going to be so awesome for all those morning coffee's! 

Next we have a couple of Grumpy gift sets which I think are something for Fathers day. As I only really celebrate it with Reece, I think I'm going to give one of these to his dad, and to my Grandad as they'll both find it funny. Hopefully..

I also was given this Finding Nemo bath plug. Safe to say my daughter loves it, although I wish the chain was a little bit longer (we have a weird bath) so I'm just going to do it myself. It's lovely especially in a non bubbly mad bath! She tries kicking it from her little chair so I think it's going to be a hit once she gains balance on the mat. 

And last but not least, my favourites. An Iron Man cookie jar and some more Star Wars goodies! We currently have a BB8 cookie jar (told you we love this stuff) so I'm thinking that I might make this one into a treats jar and have separate ones for myself and R! Then we have a Star Wars Darth Vader mug in a watercolour wash, a Storm Trooper metallic finish flask, some sticker decals and a pair of printed tumblers.

It's such an amazing prize we won, but it was also an amazing night. It's just not like any old pub quiz! Though I must say, I am a sucker for a quiz I just love them. Yes I'm aware this makes me nerdy and sound 70. It was such a fun filled night and I had an amazing time and such a laugh. Not sure the quizmaster would like my appearance again but at least I livened up the place! I guess that's what happens when you let a mama loose with alcohol. I promise to TRY and be on my best behaviour next time.

You can see more of what happened that night by visiting Paldone's blog post here and purchase all the goodies we recieved from the website here .


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