Wednesday, 2 August 2017


I'm no stranger when it comes to hoarding stationary, especially when it looks so beautiful. Recently I've held back trying to buy more especially notebooks as they're piling up but I just can't seem to help myself! I will use them all eventually.. I think. You see a lot of my friends look to me for recommendations when it comes to stationary, they want what's good for their money, what loks pretty and what I always go back to. 

Recently I just invested into Papergang by Ohh Deer. It's a monthly stationary subscription box that can you can subscribe to as a one off, 3 months, 6 months, and even a whole year. As Ohh Deer are illustration and stationary extraordinaire's I was excited when they launched their subscription box. As someone who doesn't like to commit to something and always trying to save money it's took me this long to actually try it out for myself. They boxes are either designed by in house designers at Ohh Deer or are collaborations with other artists such as Gemma Correll.  As the past couple of boxes have looked amazing I finally caved in and asked R to buy it me as part of our anniversary gifts to each other. I was so pleased when I found out that I had it because it meant a box of surprises to arrive at my door. He's not the best at buying gifts especially when it comes to me as I can be hard to please sometimes but even he knew this would be perfect for me. 

So over the past couple of weeks I was highly anticipating this box to arrive in the post after trying to find sneak peeks all over Instagram (nope, none no one spoilt it) and it arrived. The box arrived in a perfectly cute marbled paint style cut out box and was a little bit damaged thanks to the rain in Manchester. I don't know entirely what I expected to get, but if I'm completely honest I was dissapointed. I mean, its a great box and the products are great and are of good quality but I was left feeling a bit blue. 

When I opened the box it was packaged in blue tissue paper. The first thing I spotted was the blue painted style mini calender for September. I think how they include these little month cards in each month is a lovely idea and is great to hang up in an office but I think that's about it. I don't really have a use other than that. 

Next I noticed the Hooray! Card which I think is lovely. The design is what's featured from the box and has a gold embossed Hooray! on the front and a plain inside. I think it's a lovely card and something I would tend to buy myself from Paperchase or other similar stores. I've since used the card as it was perfect for a gift swap I participated in! I think this was my favourite thing from the box as a whole because it is exactly something I would purchase. 

In the same colour scheme but in more of a washed paint style was this washi tape. It's a lovely design again but not to my taste. It really does take me back to my days as an art student. It's going to go in my drawer full of washi tapes and hopefully I will think of a reason to be able to use it. 

To go alongside the blue and sea green theme they also included this pencil which links back to their values as a company. For every 4 boxes they sell, they plant a single tree. The pencil states that for every A Tree can make approx 300,00 pencils. Thats crazy! Think of how sustainable they are being by planting these trees that create so many pencils! It is a lovely looking pencil which I also think links back to the card that has gold writing embedded onto it. 

The final thing that I received was the pencil case that has paint brush style strokes all over it in a deep blue green colour. It's a decent sized rectangular zip up case and is made from a good quality vinyl. Again, it's not to my taste although I do think it's pretty. I wouldn't have bought this if I saw it on a shelf but I guess that's the great thing about subscription boxes you do get a mix of everything and although everything is of a great quality and looks lovely it might not be to your taste. I think I will be giving this to a friend who I know will actually love this as part of her birthday present and fill it with some stationary goodies. Nothing wrong with sharing! 

Overall yes I was dissapointed with the box. It's not my taste but that might be because I tend to stick to monochrome, baby pink or mustard but I do think it is lovely and will be sharing the goodies with friends. Would I subscribe to another box? Yes. I am actually because the next box is in collaboration with one of my favourite designers, Gemma Corell and I love every single thing of hers. I will probably stay subscribed until the box after it to give it a proper trial and see how I feel at the end of it. I will revisit this and review my thoughts after 3 months when I've given it a fair go rather than sacking it off after one box that's not quite me, and a box that it completely me down to a tee! 

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