Friday, 18 August 2017


Last Friday myself and Claire from DearMummyBear headed to Southport for a day out with the toddlers and to go explore the toy store What2buy4kids. The store itself is situated in the town centre and easy to locate. We were invited to snoop around the shop and see what we really think of it. Now I'm on a mission to get Imogen to stray away from flashing lights, noises and plastic toys so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what they have to offer, compared to a big name brand and if there was anything suited for us.

To set the scene we arrived during the rain, with two toddlers who wanted out of their prams and two crappy cups of coffee to hand. So you see, we were having a little bit of fun before we even got there! The store itself is bright and welcoming and is easy to navigate around. The store is set out so you hadn't need to worry about trying to get a pram down an aisle, it's very toned down and isn't complicated. Everything is easy to read and you're not flabbergasted by how over the top the shop is, it's perfect especially for kids wanting to run riot and play with toys!

It's maybe not known to a lot of people, but I'm the person who won't order online unless absolutley necessary. A lot of my post tends to go missing so I'm always apprehensive about doing it, plus I hate not being able to see what I'm actually buying and if I like it! This store offers a great way to see a lot of products in person, but they also have an online shop for those who prefer to shop online, especially during busy festive periods (yep I'm mentioning the C word in August!).

When you first enter you are greeted with the 0-2 section which is completely suprising to me. I'm so used to Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Vtech and other brands staring back at me, so this was refreshing. The section held a few soft toys, sensory items, building blocks, puzzles, toys and lots of wooden delights. No flashy lights or garish music. Relief. I know with the Montessori method becoming ever increasingly popular that wooden toys are on the rise. I spotted a few brand names that I've come to know and love, Le Toy Van, Modern Concept, Boikido and so many more. I was in delight.

Imogen however tried to take home the entire store. She was so happy reaching for things off the shelves, playing with the toys that were out and about for everyone's enjoyment and even trying to ruin the displays. Have you ever tried running around a toddler that's faster than you can put everything back? Luckily John who was running the shop that day was happy enough to let us play with everything and understood how excited children are. He was so lovely to talk to and understood what we were all looking for and told us about the best sellers and what children really take a liking to! He was so friendly and warm and we felt very welcome unlike a lot of receptions I've got from other big toy outlets.

There was so much on offer from educational to arts and crafts and hobbies to outdoor games and even pocket money treats. It's just refreshing to see so many educational toys on offer that will help especially as my daughter doesn't attend nursery. It's got my brain ticking and thinking about the sort of things I would love to invest in when she's older and even a couple of nostalgia toys were there for me!

Overall we had an amazing time, Imogen left with a few new toys that I thought would be great for her educationally, but also fun. Especially the maracas that she took to. We will definitely be vising again especially when it comes to Christmas, birthdays and even when we're just in town. Such a gem of a store and there really is something for everyone.

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* In exchange of this review I was given a shop voucher.


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