Thursday, 7 September 2017


It's no secret that I'm a huge junkie for stationery, illustrations and all things artistic so after I recieved my first Papergang by Ohh Deer subscription which you can read here, I saw that Gemma Correll was the artist. I was beyond excited. I've always been a huge fan of her work and I think her and Veronica Dearly are well ahead of the game at the moment. So all I really needed to know is, was the subscription worth it after my previous let down?

As I stated in my last subscription haul, I really enjoyed everything about it, but I was still disappointed. The quality was there, the products were good they just weren't to my taste and I felt a little let down by it. However that is the deal with these subscriptions no matter what type you get, everything is a mystery and you might not like everything or even a single thing. I wasn't losing hope however, so I wanted to give it a fair try before I said Ciao Adios. 

I wanted to try and judge the box fairly even though I knew I would probably love it 10/10 before even seeing any of the things inside. I think this is the way a girl probably feels about new shoes, this is my sweet Louboutin of stationery. 

At first glance the box arrived with the cutest nostalgic looking design with Corrells flair. It's cute and artistic in its own way and I think is a great play on post. The box inside revealed some lovely red tissue and my treats inside. Red is the colour we all associate with Corrells work and even the cute wrapping of tissue paper linked with her vibe. 

I was greeted with a bundle of great stationary which included the following: 
A5 memo pad. 
Sticky notes 
4 x A5 sheets of stickers 
3 ball point pens 
1 card. 

This is what I've been waiting for with Papergang. Following designs that co ordinate together or on their own. All of the products are high quality as you would expect and have her quirky designs covering. My favourite out of everything to be a bore is the pens! Honestly the quality of these pens are amazing and I'm beyond impressed. The cute designs show off her work amazing and look great when paired up with any planner or for everyday use. 

Overall everything I think is incredible. It's all perfect quality and I've been using everything since I received it in the post. I'm beyond impressed with this box which I knew I would be, and I'm excited to see what the next box is like. 

Next time will be my final box to see if I will carry on the subscription or if I will just wait and sign up to boxes one at a time for my favourite artists and designers! 

Until next time!


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